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Women Who Do Not Wish To Get Married Share Their Reasons & We Get It

Marriage requires work and effort. There is no denying that it requires more of both, especially for women. It comes with the rooted patriarchy. So, even in the best scenarios, women have to juggle harder. Understandably, it’s normal to not want to do that. Or just fear the institution, because it takes a whole lot more from us, than it does from men. Like most complex decisions, there is no perfect choice – it comes down to what one wants.

Like these women who shared why they dislike the idea of marriage:

1. “As Whoopi Goldberg said, “I don’t want somebody in my house.” I have so much peace and freedom once I chose to be single and it’s very hard to change that. Even if I really liked the person, the idea of having anyone in my space and my business all the time just stresses me out.”


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2. “The wedding industry is a big ripoff, and the only thing marriage really has is tax benefits.”


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3. “It’s a legal contract that has roots in slavery. Marriage in the past was the transfer of ownership over a woman from father to “husband”. I’m not in the stone age anymore, I’m a liberated woman that is nobody’s property.”


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4. “It’s a patriarchal institution that I don’t buy into. A party to celebrate love and commitment I can get behind. A legal contract, my dad ‘giving me away’, then giving away my NAME, etc, not so much into that.”


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5. “I was supposed to have a reason? I just never wanted to get married.”


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6. “I couldn’t commit to something like that again. Last time it nearly ended me.”


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7. “It’s not to my advantage. There’s no reason why it should make my life better. I can’t come up with one single good reason to actually get married. Also I do not trust men.”

– Anonymous

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8. “I don’t know, everything always seem disproportionate in marriages where the guy benefits in most aspects even where it’s 50/50, it never really is.”


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9. “As a child of divorce, I just learned that getting married isn’t what keeps two people together. It’s not “endgame.” If my future dreamboat of a partner wants to get married, and it’s important to him, I can roll with that. But I’m just not sure it’s something I need in a serious relationship. So not against it, exactly, just don’t get the hype!”


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10. “I’ve never met a happy couple that owed their happiness to a wedding certificate. For me, I’m asking, what’s the point, except to make it harder to leave the relationship?”


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That said, YOU DO YOU!

25 Feb 2024

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