Plixxo Influencers Share What Really Goes On Behind Their Perfect Instagram Photos

Plixxo Influencers Share What Really Goes On Behind Their Perfect Instagram Photos

Instagram shows us this picture perfect life, doesn't it? Everytime we see a social media influencer's post, we think about how gorgeous the aesthetic looks - be it the outfit, the food, the place... it all looks seamlessly beautiful.

But what we don't realise is that for that one photograph, these bloggers orchestrate everything from the lights to the set up and even make their partners work hard to capture the moment. Every photo we see while scrolling through our feed always has an insane story behind it. 

So, we got five lifestyle influencers to share hilarious behind-the scenes footage of some of their favourite shots. Read to know the crazy stories of their gorgeous pictures while on a vacay with their partners. 

1. Larissa Dsa



"It's extremely lucky to be with someone who understands 'footage' requriments during a trip. Most people like friends and family get bothered by the amount of photographs needed.

In this photo, the final product seems perfect but actually the wave hit us really hard. That didn't stop us from smiling though. Gotta do it for the 'Gram!"

2. Sidhi and Varun


Do you guys ever have a Mental Jet Lag once you’re back from a long trip? I made that term up obviously because I am never fully back once my vacation is over! It’s like you’re still stuck in the vibe of the cities you visited, the Coffees you daily started your day with, their language, their roads, the places you stayed at, the orders you placed at the restaurants you ate and almost everything. You are back physically but mentally you’re still going through a replay of each and every moment and retrospecting life back there. It takes me good 5 to 7 days to settle back and snap out of it, till then I’ll love and cherish every moment I can think of. 💗💫 Do any of you go through this as well? Let m know in the comments below, would love to read! 🙌🏻✨😘 . . . #parisianlife #travelblogger #travelinfluencer #travelinfluencer #globetrotter #SiddhiandVarunInSpain #siddhiandvarun #coupleinfluencer #settlesubtle

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"Once in Paris, we clicked like a zillion photos to get a frame right. Even the waiter, who happened to be a photographer, started to click us, but the final outcome was by Varun. In this photo, the waiter is doing a photography session with us where he is directing us too."

3. Kavya D Souza



"This picture was captured on my first day in Dubai when I discovered that the Dubai Eye was under construction! I needed to get a picture with it and after so many angles and efforts to make sure that we avoided the crowds (the beach was flooded with tourists!), we played it smart with the backlight and got a bunch of options!!"

4. Thatordinarycouple


Have you ever heard the term BRAT? Well, I’m one of those brats. Before you start thinking something else, it means Born, Raised and Transferred. I did my schooling in almost 9 different army schools, made best friends in every single station, moved to a new place every two years (Sometimes every year). Would I want to change any of it ? Absolutely not. This unique upbringing is exactly what makes me stand out. I am proud to be an Army man’s daughter, I would have liked him to be around a lot more while growing up - But duty calls. I don’t think any kid will trade the life he/she gets as a MILITARY BRAT. After all, its a way of life - it’s our way of life. Comment 😁 below if you’re one of us.🎈 . . . This week we’ll be sharing our own personal stories to appreciate the special people who have served or are serving our country and celebrate this organisation which has shaped us into what we are today. Come join us in this initiative. Participate. Share your story about the Indian Armed Forces. Use the hashtag - #Purplerepublicday !! @indianarmy.adgpi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #tlpicks #armywife #indianarmywife #IAWives #TOCxwifeduty #travelcouple #india #indianarmy #thatordinarycouple #indianblogger #nilgiris #southindia #tamilNadu #ooty #discovernilgiris #love #travel #instalike #photooftheday #beautiful #liveauthentic #digitalnomads #indianblogger #indiantravelblogger #indiantravelsquad

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"Some wise person once said, ‘Marriage lets you annoy one person for the rest of your life.' ABSOLUTELY apt for us while we're shooting travelling pictures.

I made Abhi take this picture while he was working and I was doing wife-duties. I was clear about the frame I wanted and well, he had his own frame in mind. The bunch of balloons you see here - it was our second; the first one has been casually flown away by him who then continued to stare at it till you could hardly make it out in the sky."

5. Savi and Vid

"On our trip to Bali, we wanted photos at this beautiful place but to get the contrast between the sky and grass, we needed the sun to be overhead. So one sunny, humid afternoon we went to click the picture and Savi wore a flowy dress. But we had to wait there for the skies to clear and the area to be empty. Although it sounds boring to wait, we had snacks and enjoyed an impromtu picnic while we waited for the perfect scene. And the end result was worth it all!"

*goes back to scrolling through Insta feed*