The Best Insta Filters For Every Pic You Click!

The Best Insta Filters For Every Pic You Click!
Instagram is not just your regular photo posting app, you know! There’s something more to it! Each Instagram filter’s purpose is to breath art, design, character and emotion to a raw picture. That’s exactly what makes it super-worth sharing! While some of us are pros at picking our filters and creating fabulous pictures, the rest of us are trying to get there. If you want to create masterpieces by choosing the right filters, you’ve come to the right place! Read and learn from the pros, ladies.

1. The Perfect Selfie

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Let’s face it, most of us NEVER get the perfect selfie on the first try! It takes a dozen or more shots to get the right one. And, we’re yet not satisfied until we find a good filter to make it look flawless. That’s when Instagram comes to the rescue!

1. Clarendon - We aren’t surprised why it’s the first filter on Instagram. It can transform a dull selfie into a vibrant one with just a tap! It stresses on colours, and darkens the background. A big win if you want to make yourself look like the center of attention.

2. Mayfair - This filter is perfect if you want to strike a balance between subtle and bold. It not only focuses the light at the center of the photo, it also conceals your skin’s imperfections. Like, how awesome is that?

3. Juno - If you love images that focus on clarity and contrast, use Juno for your next epic selfie! Trust us ladies, it will bring out your selfie’s true natural beauty!

2. Tempting Food

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The beauty of Instagram is that with the right filter, you can make your basic food picture look like a yummy masterpiece!

1. X-pro ll - This killer filter is known to bring out the best colours in an image. It gives it depth and focus. If you want to make your friends drool the next time they see a yummy food post by you, use this epic filter!

2. Amaro - Now you can add some character to that shot you clicked in dim-light! Amaro is a warm fluorescent filter that’s used brighten any picture. Try it to believe it, we say!

3. Valencia - If you like your pictures to be bright and sharp, Valencia is the one for you. It’s bound to draw the right attention to your yummy dish.

3. Travel Junkie

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Different travellers prefer different filters. Some like it vintage, others mod. However, they all have one goal - the picture has to look like outstanding!

1.  Lark - This filter does two jobs at the same time. It increases the brightness and makes the darken objects appear vintage. The filter definitely has a story to tell.

2. Sierra - Tap on it, and this filter will immediately transform your vibrant picture into a dreamy one. It smoothly fades the background and highlights the subject.

3. Ludwig - The filter is loud and screams drama! It increases contrast, brightness and focuses on minute details. Isn’t that fabulous?

4. Party Like A Rockstar!

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Dim-light images not fetching you enough likes on Instagram? Perhaps, you’ve been using the wrong filter all this while now.

1. Hudson - This one’s perfect for adding more light to a dark picture. It focuses light at the center and softly blurs any imperfections in the background.

2. Reyes - It has a very retro feel to it. The filter has a very warm, and bright impact on the image.

3. Crema - A greenish tint immediately morphs a dull image into a vintage one. Crema is the  perfect filter to use when you want to add not just colour to your image, but mood too!

5. For Stunning Portraits

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A portrait is a powerful picture. It’s bold, delicate and is dressed with personality. This could be a person, an animal or a lifeless object. The key here is to draw maximum attention to these fabulous shot pictures!

1. Inkwell - You can never go wrong with a black & white shot. This filter is so strong that it demands attention. A great filter for giving emphasis to a specific object.

2. Gingham - The beauty of this filter is that its effect takes you back to the past. The texture is subtle, soft and aesthetic to look at.

3. Aden - There’s something warm and charming about the Aden filter. It makes portraits look vibrant and vintage.

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