#WhatMenWant: 7 Hot Moves That We Guarantee Will Make Your Sex Life Spicier

#WhatMenWant: 7 Hot Moves That We Guarantee Will Make Your Sex Life Spicier

There's always something new you can try on your man and turn on the heat. If you want to excite him in bed, we've got some erotic tricks that'll get you two closer to the big O. So, buckle up, ladies because I am going to give you some hot moves that will guarantee a spicier sex life. Read on and thank me later!

1. 'Ear' him out!

One of the most underrated sex moves. Nibbling a man's ear will turn him on like nothing else. Bite or lick his earlobes and slowly breathe around him. 

1 moves to make sex spicier!

2. Striptease

Men like it when you put on a little show just for them. Buy some sexy lingerie and strip it off while playing some romantic music. Give him a little lap dance while you're at it to heat things up.

3. Neck it out!

After a man's ear, one of the most sensitive parts of his body is his neck. Kiss or lick his neck while you're in the middle of a foreplay. He will absolutely love it.

3 sex moves that will make spicier

4. Turn to the sexy back

Back massages are a perfect bedroom move to turn him on. Just climb on top of him (mostly naked) and give him a massage. Slowly start to kiss his neck while you're at it. 

5. Turn up the dirty talk!

Dirty talk is powerful and seductive. It amps up the heat in the bedroom, especially when you tell in details what you want to do to him. So, do some research and find out the right things to say to him while you're both in bed.

5 sex moves to make your life spicier

6. Go with props

Blindfold and handcuffs are a big turn on in the bedroom. It's also a way of saying 'I want to take control'. And honestly, men love it! Blindfold him and tell him naughty things. Even better? Just get on top of him, and kiss him all over!

7. Blow with a twist!

Blow jobs are an essential part of any hot session, but we suggest you try this blowjob with a twist. Use some chocolate sauce and lick it off your partner's body!

7 ways to make sex spicer

 Found what you were looking for? Well, now is the time to try it all!

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