First-Time Sex? 13 Moves That'll Make Things Less Awkward!

First-Time Sex? 13 Moves That'll Make Things Less Awkward!

First-time sex can be exciting and scary at the same time. You're chartering into an unknown territory, so you don't really know what will come your way. You're nervous about the positions your partner will like, how comfortable would they be or what all will they be willing to try since it's the first time. Also, most people fear not knowing what to do if things get unexpectedly awkward.

But you need not worry! We have 13 moves that can make things less awkward for you and them while having sex for the first time. Read on!

1. Don't Stress And Relax

Stressing too much can make you conscious and not live the moment or enjoy the experience. You don't have to be perfect the first time but just be yourself and feel the sensations. Make most of the moment and keep your head out of your body for some time.

1 First sex Chill

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2. Don’t Expect Too Much

First-time sex is not always your best sex. Sex gets better when your body is synchronized with that of your partner's and that will always take time. Since expectations always lead to disappointments, expect less and try to experience more. 

3. Feel Confident About Yourself

There is less room for awkwardness if you feel confident about yourself and your body. Dress well, put on some sexy lingerie, get your hair done and feel good about yourself. Your aura will make draw him towards you.

3 First sex Confidence

4. Have Plenty Of Condoms

If you don't have a condom, she's going to be uncomfortable having sex with you. Make sure to have a condom and also plan for contingencies in case it breaks. Let her know you care about her and want to engage in safe sex. 

5. Engage In A Long, Hot Makeout Session

Sex can become less awkward if you try to explore each other physically. acquainting your partner with your touch, feeling them up and kissing them passionately can help build some comfort between you two and also relieve stress.

5 First sex makeout

6. No Body Odour

Bad body odour is the biggest turn off ever. If you smell bad, your partner might not want to sleep with you. Make sure to use a perfume or scent that entices your partner and attracts him or her towards you.

7. Latch The Door

With the already existing awkwardness in the room, I am sure you don't want it to get worse with someone walking in on you both while you're naked. So, make sure to latch the door before you get cosy.

7 First sex lock the door

8. Put The Phone On Silent

Having your parents or friends call you in the middle of hot and steamy sex can put off your partner. They'd love to have your undivided attention to enjoy having sex with you. The more distracted you are, the more disinterested they'll get.

9. Dim the lights

Setting the right mood can really help you lessen the nervousness in the room. Be it scented candles, bedside lamps or a pretty bedsheet, a good ambience can make the experience better and hotter. Also, dim lights lessen awkwardness.

9 First sex dim lights

10. Don’t Act Desperate

Never overdo when you're a rookie yourself. Any act of desperation may not be the sexiest thing you do. So, take it slow for it to be smooth and sexy.

11. Be Clear About What You Want

It always good to be on the same page before you engage in sexual intercourse especially for the first time. Talk about what you're okay with and what is it that you don't want to experiment with. This way things will be less awkward and the sex will be smokin'.

11 First sex Ask

12. Laugh It Out

We're all human and mistakes are bound to happen. If you're a first-timer, you must be prepared for the worst to happen. If at all things get very awkward, just laugh it off and control the situation.

13. Don’t Force It On Them

Never force your partner to do things they don't want to. Maybe you're extremely excited and they're not game for it all. Make sure to not use physical force on your partner and coming across as aggressive in the wrong sense.

11 First sex Dont want

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