things to say after sex

25 Sweet Things To Say After Sex To Bring You *Even* Closer!

Isheeta Sharma

Junior Lifestyle Editor

You’re blessed to have someone in your life who can take you into his arms and make you feel loved and comfortable. Physical connection, though very important, is not enough to base your relationship on it. You have to use words to let him know how much you value him in your life. But quite often, those words are difficult to find, right? Here are 25 sweet and sexy things to say after sex to build intimacy and make your connection even stronger!

1. ‘I’m so lucky to have you next to me.’

1 things to say after sex

2. ‘You know exactly how to make me feel better.’

3. ‘You make me so hot.’

4. ‘I’ve missed you so bad!’

5. ‘Baby, you drive me wild.’

5 things to say after sex

6. ‘That was simply incredible!’

7. ‘You have gorgeous eyes, I could look into them forever.’

8. ‘How are you so sexy?’

9. ‘My heart skips a beat when you look at me like that.’

10. ‘Where did you learn all these things?’

10 things to say after sex

11. ‘There is nothing better than cuddling with you.’

12. ‘I really needed this today.’

13. ‘You’re absolutely amazing!’

14. ‘I loved it when you…*Insert action*’

15. ‘Lying here with you is like achieving nirvana.’

15 things to say after sex

16. ‘I’ve never been with someone as amazing as you!’

17. ‘I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.’

18. ‘Keep holding me like this.’

19. ‘I wouldn’t change a thing about you.’

20. ‘You make me feel incredible.’

20 things to say after sex

21. ‘I love the things you do to me!’

22. ‘I wish I could do this every night from now on!’

23. ‘Thank you for such an amazing time.’

24. ‘You are spoiling me with all this love!’

25. ‘I love you.’

25 things to say after sex

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Published on Nov 25, 2016
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