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Fashionably Fearless Tattoo Ideas When You Want To Get Inked In Style!

Fashionably Fearless Tattoo Ideas When You Want To Get Inked In Style!

The act of tattooing is as old as civilization itself, with the practice found both in ancient art and archaeological finds of mummified Egyptian kings and queens. In the modern world, tattoos have become a subculture in itself, with stereotypes still attached to this form of artistic expression. Regardless of any taboo, tattoos are hugely popular with the public for various reasons, they are personal, stylish and permanent, qualities that a creative individual craves to possess!

While tattoos are a style statement in themselves, you can further customise them to express your obsession with fashion. If you are passionate about fashion and wish to pay homage to that commitment, tattoos can be a good way to do it. There are so many types, sizes and designs to choose from and we recommend you do your research well before getting a tattoo. To start you off we have a few tattoo ideas right here that will get you hyped about getting inked!   

1. Ain’t Need No Explainin’

1 tattoo ideas

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Concealed neck tattoos are a safe option for working professionals who can’t always flaunt their ink at work. It’s like your own pretty little secret!

2. Wristlets To Never Miss An Accessory


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Wristlet tattoos are drawn around your wrist with delicate details that make them look like jewellery. A good option if you are forgetful about stacking of accessories before heading out!

3. Shoutout Your Fashion icon

Pop culture is littered with fashion icons for women, from Audrey Hepburn to our very own Cher from Clueless, wear your fashion hero on your sleeve with this one!

4. Finger Tats For Dainty Rings


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Attractive small finger tattoos are a great company for all of your bling rings. They are also an out for women who want a stylish tattoo but can’t go big.

5. Sashay Away!


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Use the look of a line tattoo to create fashionable silhouettes on your body, like this chic detailing of a woman walking down the street in her cool blues!

6. Stilettos Or Nothing

Recently blackout tattoos have gained popularity due to their complex nature and moody appeal. Be wary of the style though, blackout tattoos take time and can be a bit more painful than line designs.

7. The Minimalist’s Dream

‘Barely There’ designs are either for the minimalists or the commitment phobics! Pick your favourite article of clothing or fashion term to make it more you.

8. Festive Accessorizing


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Coloured tattoos are more expensive and take longer to fill in. Well drawn coloured tattoo of fancy fashion items and pop art can be a good addition to your cutesy style vibe!   

9. ‘Sneakerhead’ For Life

Classic fashion stuff with a distinguishable look is easy to find and settle upon. Sneakers, Mary Janes, diamonds, handbags and much else can be easily rendered onto your skin by a good tattoo artist.   

10. Dress Forms For The Creators


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Fashion students and professionals can tip a hat to their ‘bread and butter’ with this type of tattoo design. Dress forms have been a popular choice for fashion enthusiasts, they scream originality and innovation!

11. Fashion & Cats

11 tattoo ideas

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Animal lover and a fashionista? You can have the best of both worlds with an adorable pattern like this one!

12. Fashionable & Funny


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Novelty tattoos are rare but they are also unique. We love this Cinderella-inspired tattoo design, talk about telling a story with just one impression!

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Published on Mar 23, 2018
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