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Hand Tattoos For Women

30+ Inkcredible Hand Tattoos For Women To Inspire Your Next Ink!

Hand tattoos have been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. Many celebrities such as Hailey Baldwin, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and others have tattoos on their hands, and we gotta admit they look really cool. You can either go over the top with hand tattoos or opt for subtle designs- either way, it’s a great way to express yourself and flaunt your personality. But with such a small area to work with, how do you decide on the design and placement? For your ease, we have compiled some beautiful hand tattoos for women that will help you make the right decision!

Scroll down to check out some incredible tattoo designs for women’s hands, latest hand tattoo designs, meaningful hand tattoos, and more! 

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Simple Female Hand Tattoos

Most people opt for simple tattoo designs when getting their hands inked. They look really cute, dainty, and eye-catching. Check out some simple tattoo designs for women’s hands below.

‘Be Kind’ Finger Tattoo

women's simple hand tattoo

Getting a side finger tattoo is a great idea for those who want to get inked, but don’t necessarily wish to flaunt it all the time. Getting something as simple as ‘be kind’ on your side finger could serve as a constant reminder, and won’t be visible to others unless you move your fingers in a certain way! Not only do side finger tattoos look cool, but they also have a mysterious, intriguing appeal to them.

Multiple Finger Tattoos

simple female hand tattoos images - Multiple Finger Tattoos

Getting multiple symbols or patterns inked on your fingers gives a unique and cool look! They are prominently visible, and look like dainty jewellery pieces. 

 Intertwined Branch Leaf Tattoo

hand female small cute tattoo designs - Intertwined Branch Leaf Tattoo

This simple hand tattoo for women looks simple yet eye-catching! The side of your thumb is a beautiful place to get a tattoo, and this horizontal design is perfect for it.

Curved Quote Hand Tattoo

female hand tattoos images - Curved Quote Hand Tattoo

You can also have a quote of your liking inked along the curve of your thumb and index finger. It emphasizes the shape and looks really cool and out-of-the-box!

Small Hand Tattoos For Ladies

Hand tattoos can be quite painful, as there’s not a lot of fat to cushion the needle. However, small tattoos don’t take a lot of time, and are usually over with pretty quickly. Besides, they look really pretty! Common small hand tattoos for women include symbols, meaningful words, important dates, and so on. Check out some small hand tattoo ideas for ladies below.    

Heart Tattoo

small hand tattoos for ladies- Heart Tattoo

This small heart tattoo is too cute! While it may be small and simple, it definitely makes a statement! This tattoo is monochromatic, but you can also add some colour to it.

Birth Year Tattoo

Small Hand Tattoos For Ladies - Birth Year Tattoo

A lot of people get birth year tattoos on their hands. It could serve as a reminder of the beginning of your journey, all the experiences you’ve had, and how far you have come since then.

Zodiac Tattoo

tattoo designs for women's hands- Zodiac Tattoo

Zodiac signs look really cool! They are unique, subtle, minimalistic, and they show the world a bit about your personality. 

Small Quote Tattoo

female cute hand tattoos - Small Quote Tattoo

If you want to get a particular word inked, below the thumb is a good place for it, as there is ample space to work with. This tattoo reads ‘patience’, and it’s a really common word that people get tattooed. You can either recreate this, or choose another word that captures your personality.

Latest Hand Tattoo Designs For Women

Tattoo trends keep changing every now and then, but remember that a tattoo is permanent! This is why you should choose the design really carefully, and make sure it’s something you won’t regret later. If you are curious about which designs are trending currently, below are some of the latest tattoo designs for women’s hands that you can take inspiration from. 

Dotwork Ornamental Tattoo

hand female small cute tattoo designs

This tattoo looks beautiful majorly because of the dotwork. It looks like a delicate jewellery piece resting on your hand, and makes for a beautiful hand tattoo for women! 

Half Mandala Tattoo

Latest Hand Tattoo Designs For Women - Half Mandala Tattoo

Mandala designs have taken over our Instagram feeds, and are also among the latest hand tattoo designs for women. This intricate mandala design looks simply beautiful!

Fine Line Floral Tattoo Design


This tattoo design for women looks pretty and stands out mainly due to the fine lines. The dainty flowers, and their placement have left us impressed!

Dove Tattoo With Olive Branch

hand female small cute tattoo designs - Dove Tattoo With Olive Branch

Nothing says ‘peace’ quite like a dove holding an olive branch. It represents hope, love, harmony, peace, and we’re loving this minimalistic tattoo design! 

Female Cute Hand Tattoos

Tattoos can add to the beauty of your hands, especially if you get something cute inked. Imagine flaunting that adorable tattoo in your manicure selfie. It is sure to grab attention!  If you’re looking for cute hand tattoos for females, here are a few ideas. 

Floral Ring Tattoo

female hand tattoos images - Floral Ring Tattoo

This dainty design is too cute for words! Jewellery design tattoos are not going out of style anytime soon, and are perfect for those who want a minimal look. The bright colours add to the beauty of this cute hand tattoo for females.

Crown Wrist Tattoo

Small hand tattoos for women - Crown Wrist Tattoo

Show them you’re the queen of your world! This crown tattoo design is too cute for words. We’re loving the placement and the minimalistic crown design. 

Side Finger Rose Tattoo

small hand tattoos for ladies - Side Finger Rose Tattoo

The best thing about side finger tattoos is that you can flaunt it when you want to. This rose silhouette on the side of the finger looks really stylish!

Coffee Tattoo

small hand tattoos for ladies with meaning - Coffee Tattoo

Show your love for coffee with a cup of coffee inked on the inside of your finger. It’s cool, quirky and a rather unusual choice!

Unique Hand Tattoos For Women

Don’t wanna opt for common hand tattoo designs? Feel free to opt for these unique hand tattoos for women that are a bit unconventional, but look amazing nonetheless!

Finger Ornaments

Unique Hand Tattoos For Women - Finger Ornaments

Get your hands decked up with these beautiful finger ornaments that basically look like rings and jewellery pieces. 

Vine Hand Tattoo

hand tattoos for women - Vine Hand Tattoo

The best thing about vine tattoos is how they can be placed anywhere on your hand, and still look beautiful! This unique hand tattoo for women can run along your fingers, or even up your arm if you want a more elaborate look!

Vine Ring Tattoo

tattoo designs for women's hands - Vine Ring Tattoo

Wraparound tattoos always look cool, but if you don’t want to opt for a tattoo that covers a large chunk of your hand, you can opt for this vine ring tattoo instead!

Knuckle Tattoo

female hand tattoos images - Knuckle Tattoo

Bigg Boss OTT’s Muskaan Jattana has this knuckle tattoo that looks oh-so-cool! While her tattoo reads ‘Azad’ to remind herself that she is free, you could also have another word tattooed on your knuckles!

Outer Edge Hand Tattoo

female cute hand tattoos - Outer Edge Hand Tattoo

The placement of this sun and moon tattoo is quite unique, and we’re loving it! It’s dainty, pretty and looks really cool.

Fire Tattoo

latest hand tattoo designs - Fire Tattoo

Fire tattoos represent burning passion, energy, and life source. They are very popular, and look really fierce, especially below your knuckles!

Stylish Hand Tattoos For Women

If you love all things fashionable, you are gonna love these stylish hand tattoos for women. These tattoo designs will definitely complement your voguish personality, check them out!  

Rose Hand Tattoo

small hand tattoos for ladies - Rose Hand Tattoo

A rose design does not have to be overly complicated and filled with shaded parts. In fact, minimalist designs like these that look even more eye-catching. This design looks best above your thumb as there’s more space for the it to stand out!  

Elaborate Floral Tattoo

Unique hand tattoos for women - Elaborate Floral Tattoo

This floral hand tattoo for women looks absolutely stunning! However, it’s a huge tattoo to have on your hand permanently, so make sure you really do want a large one, and won’t regret it later.

Henna Inspired Thumb Tattoo

Stylish Hand Tattoos For Women - Henna Inspired Thumb Tattoo

This thumb tattoo design is quite similar to a traditional mehndi design, but is permanent. It gives an artistic look, and we’re loving it!

Moon Phase Tattoo

hand female small cute tattoo designs - Moon Phase Tattoo

This is a really cool hand tattoo idea for women! The phases of the moon on each finger not only look stunning, but they also symbolize ever-changing life.

Tattoo Designs For Women’s Hands With Meaning

Historically, people used to get tattoos of symbols that they pledged allegiance to or had some significance to them personally. Even now, a lot of people choose tattoos with symbols or forms that represent something important to them. Here are some meaningful hand tattoo designs that you can take inspiration from and create your own masterpiece.

Hamsa Hand Tattoo

small hand tattoos for ladies with meaning - Hamsa Hand Tattoo

Hamsa hand tattoos have been gaining a lot of popularity lately. It is considered to be a symbol of the ‘Hand of God’ and is believed to ward off evil eye, and provide luck, health, and good fortune. It is shaped like a palm with an eye in the center. 

Lion Tattoo Design

female cute hand tattoos - Lion Tattoo Design

While Cara Delevingne got this lion tattoo on her index finger to represent her zodiac sign Leo, lion tattoos usually represent bravery, courage, and strength. You can get it to remind yourself of the challenges you’ve faced with utmost courage. Or you could simply get it inked because it looks so fierce and powerful!

Snake Finger Tattoo

cute hand tattoos for females - Snake Finger Tattoo

Snake tattoos have gained a lot of popularity lately because of how versatile they are! They give a badass look, and this finger placement is perfect if you want the tattoo to be prominently displayed. Snake or serpent tattoos have various meanings across different cultures. But they are generally a symbol of rebirth, temptation, power.

Bird Tattoo

latest hand tattoo designs - Bird Tattoo

Bird tattoos are extremely popular for two reasons. First, because they are versatile and can be designed in various ways. Secondly, because it has a beautiful meaning! Bird tattoo symbolizes independence, freedom, and is an excellent hand tattoo design for women who value these qualities! 

Anchor Tattoo

simple tattoo designs for women's hands - Anchor Tattoo

The anchor tattoo symbolizes stability, strength, determination and passion, and makes for an eye-catching design too! If you’re looking to get an anchor tattoo on hand, get this tiny symbol on the thumb, or below the thumb. 

Butterfly Tattoo

female hand tattoos images - Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos not only look feminine and beautiful, but they also signify freedom, beauty and transformation. 

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Feeling inspired to get inked after seeing these hand tattoos for women? Truth be told, hand tattoos can be really painful, but don’t let that stop you from getting something you really want! 

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15 Sep 2021

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