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30 Shoulder Tattoos For Women That’ll Convince You To Book An Appointment Right Away

There’s something extremely sexy and appealing about a shoulder tattoo. Whether it’s a bold and huge one, or a small shoulder tattoo, you can hardly ever go wrong with it. Besides, the best part about shoulder tattoos is that they can also be easily hidden and covered up on occasions when you may not want to show them off. Have you been considering getting a shoulder tattoo? If yes, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled some trendy shoulder tattoos for women that you’re definitely gonna love.

From small shoulder tattoos to front shoulder tattoos and upper back shoulder tattoos for females, check out some of the best designs below!

Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Females

There are so many shoulder tattoo designs available on the Internet that it can get really confusing which one to choose. To make your work easier, we’ve compiled some of the best ones out there! Whether you are getting a tattoo for the first time or are looking for your next set of ink, these shoulder tattoo designs for females will surely appeal to you.

Botanical Shoulder And Arm Tattoo

Botanical Shoulder And Arm Tattoo For Women

Most shoulder tattoos for women look great when they continue down your arm, back, or chest. Here’s one example of a floral shoulder tattoo that also covers a part of your arm, and we’re loving this beautiful design! 

Script Tattoo

Script Tattoo - shoulder tattoo for women

This tattoo design looks simple, yet stunning! If there’s a phrase or a few words you always wanted to get inked, then your shoulder is the right spot to get one. There’s ample space horizontally, so you can get creative with the design, and add a design element around the script too! 

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Leaf Tattoo

Leaf Tattoo -shoulder tattoo designs for women

Leaf tattoos look graceful especially at this spot, and the curve gives a sense of movement. If you aren’t a huge fan of flower shoulder tattoos, you can opt for something like this instead! 

Sunflower Shoulder Cap Tattoo

Sunflower Shoulder Cap Tattoo -shoulder tattoo for women

Shoulder tattoo designs that stretch from the top of the shoulder down your arm look really appealing! This sunflower tattoo design is intricate, but when done precisely and neatly, it looks really beautiful.

Circular Floral Tattoo

Circular Floral shoulder tattoo designs

This tattoo looks really pretty and its placement is such that it mimics and highlights the shape of the shoulder. 

Around The Socket Shoulder Tattoo

Around The Socket Shoulder Tattoo

Around the socket floral tattoos have been gaining popularity lately. They look delicate, beautiful, and go along with the shape of the shoulder socket. The addition of a few colours takes the tattoo design up a notch!

Back Shoulder Tattoo Design

Once you’ve decided that you want a shoulder tattoo, the next step would be to pick the exact location- whether you want to get inked on the front of your shoulder, top of the shoulder or back of the shoulder. Back shoulder designs look especially cool, and you can flaunt them each time you wear a racerback or a tube top. Partial glimpses of back shoulder tattoos also look really appealing! So if you’re planning to get one, check out these beautiful back shoulder tattoo designs.

Lotus Tattoo

Lotus Tattoo  - back shoulder tattoo design

The beauty of this lotus tattoo design is enhanced by its appropriate placement. This back shoulder tattoo design can be flaunted when wearing racerbacks or tube tops, and can also be easily covered when you want to. 

Floral Moon Tattoo

Floral Moon back shoulder tattoo design

The design, the shading, and the overall look of this tattoo are just perfect! The shaded parts add to the depth of this tattoo, and it makes for a great back shoulder tattoo design for women. 

Heart Freesia Back Shoulder Tattoo

Heart Freesia Back Shoulder Tattoo design ideas

Heart tattoos on the back of the shoulder look really sexy! You can either go minimal by having just the heart outlined, or you can also add some floral elements as shown in this picture.

Dragon Tattoo

Dragon- back shoulder tattoo

There’s no denying that dragon tattoos look really amazing. The back of the shoulder is perhaps one of the most appropriate spots for this design as there’s a lot of space to work with. What makes this tattoo stand out is the minute detailing in it!

Small Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Most people get large shoulder tattoos mainly because it’s a huge space to work with. However, that doesn’t mean small shoulder tattoos don’t look great. They look equally stunning, if not more! Check out these small shoulder tattoo designs that you might like.

Heart Tattoo

Heart  small shoulder tattoos design

Heart tattoos are an all-time favourite! They look great no matter where you get them. But we’re especially loving the placement of this tiny heart tattoo design, and you can flaunt it every time you wear a sleeveless outfit.

Wave Tattoo

Wave Tattoo design

We’re loving the use of the minimal curve to depict waves. This small shoulder tattoo design is perfect for those who love the ocean and the waves.

Hummingbird Tattoo

Hummingbird Tattoo -best small shoulder tattoos

Hummingbirds are among the most popular tattoo designs and they can represent freedom for some, joy and beauty for others. Despite being a small shoulder tattoo design, it’s really striking and noticeable. 

Constellation Tattoo

Constellation Tattoo -best small shoulder tattoos

Constellation tattoos are quite unique, very much in vogue, and are perfect for all those who love the cosmos, stars and outer space. 

Coloured Flower Tattoo

Coloured Flower - shoulder tattoo for women

This is the perfect example of ‘beauty in simplicity’. We’re loving how simple yet striking this small shoulder tattoo design is!

Lunar Tattoo

Lunar Tattoo - unique shoulder tattoos female

Crescent-shaped moon tattoos look really cute, especially ones inked on the shoulder. They can be really small, but are enough to grab attention. 

Front Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Tattoos designs on the front of your shoulder are really eye-catching! There’s ample space to work with the tattoo design, without making it look crowded. Below are some front shoulder tattoo designs that you should check out!

Sun And Moon Shoulder Tattoo

Sun And Moon Shoulder Tattoo design for female

Sun and moon tattoos are really popular, not just because they look really aesthetic, but also because they have a beautiful meaning. Sun and moon represent the merging of opposites, and how everything in life has a dark and bright side. 

Pink Butterfly Tattoo

Pink Butterfly Tattoo - front shoulder tattoo

Butterflies are associated with transformation and freedom and it is due to its beautiful meaning that butterfly tattoos are very common. The front of your shoulder provides plenty of space to ink flying butterflies, making it the perfect spot for such a tattoo. 

Leaf And Lettering

Leaf And Lettering -Unique shoulder tattoo designs

Given the horizontal space around the front of your shoulder, you can not just get a phrase inked, but can also have a beautiful design around it! Here’s one such example of front shoulder tattoo design where a beautiful shaded leaf design has been intertwined with the lettering. 

Dreamcatcher Inspired Shoulder Tattoo

Dreamcatcher Inspired Shoulder Tattoo for women

Dream catcher tattoos have been all the rage lately, and they also look really pretty. We’re loving this cherry blossom themed dream catcher tattoo, and how artistic it looks. 

Shaded Floral Shoulder Tattoo

Shaded Floral - front shoulder tattoo design

It takes a skilled tattoo artist to perfectly ace the beautifully shaded areas, but when done right, this tattoo design can look really alluring.

Floral Creeper Tattoo Design

Floral Creeper Tattoo Design for front shoulder

If you’re looking to get a delicate-looking floral tattoo design, then this is perfect for you! We’re loving how the design uses the shape of the shoulder to its advantage in this design. Gorgeous, isn’t it? 

Top Shoulder Tattoos For Females

Top shoulder tattoos aren’t as common as front shoulder tattoos. It’s a unique spot to get inked, and is sure to grab attention every time you flaunt it. However, choosing the right design for the top of the shoulder can be a bit tricky. This is why we have compiled some top shoulder tattoos for females that you can take inspiration from.

Roman Numeral Tattoo

Roman Numeral  -best top shoulder tattoo design ideas

When it comes to top shoulder tattoos for females, Roman Numerals tattoo design is one of the most popular ones. You can get a particular date tattooed, something to signify an important event in your life that took place on that date.  

Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Cherry Blossom Tattoo -top shoulder tattoos for females

This tattoo starts at the top of the shoulder and continues until the back of your ear. The best part about this tattoo is that the design extending from the shoulder will always be partially visible, making it really intriguing! 

Moon Phase Tattoo

Moon Phase-best top shoulder tattoos

Moon phases make for really popular tattoo designs and depict the ever-changing phases of life.

Top Shoulder Leaf Tattoo

Top Shoulder Leaf Tattoo Design

Top shoulder tattoos for women are usually small, and run along the width of your shoulder. This simple floral design sits perfectly on the shoulder and looks really pretty. Filling in the design with black ink makes it more prominently visible.  

Ornamental Tattoo Design

Ornamental top shoulder tattoos for females

Ornamental and geometric designs like these look amazing as top shoulder tattoos for women. The lines used in this design give it a dynamic look. 

Upper Back Shoulder Tattoos For Females

Still haven’t found the perfect tattoo for yourself? Keep scrolling for some stunning upper back shoulder tattoos for females!

Feather Tattoo Design

Feather - upper back shoulder tattoos for females

This upper back shoulder tattoo for women looks really attractive. The curve of the feather follows the natural shape of the shoulder, and we’re loving the result!  

Falling Petals Tattoo Design

 Falling Petals Tattoo Design

Adding a bit of a subtle colour can make your tattoo pop, and this design is proof! The placement of this tattoo is spot on, with the flowers on the upper back shoulder, and the falling leaves down the arm. 

Mountain Tattoo

Mountain Tattoo -upper back shoulder tattoos for women

A mountain tattoo can represent achieving goals, overcoming obstacles. This makes for a great tattoo design for all those adventurous souls who love mountains and have an affinity for the outdoors. 

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By now we’ve established that shoulder tattoos for women look really cool! Which one are you getting inked? 

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08 Oct 2021

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