11 Sex Surprises To Give Your Guy To Spice Things Up!

11 Sex Surprises To Give Your Guy To Spice Things Up!

There should never come a time when your relationship gets boring and monotonous. Apart from doing things to keep the romance alive in your relationship, here are 11 ideas to spice up your sex life with your partner and surprise him like never before!

1. Pretend to be a stranger

Since you’ve known each other for a while, it is now time for you both to pretend to be strangers. Plan a date and greet him like you’re that hot girl he’s eyeing at the bar. Pretend like you don’t know him and you’re interested in hooking up with him. You have no idea how sexy this is going to make the two of you feel!

1 spice up your sex life

2. Focus on the foreplay

The secret to great sex is to have adequate and more foreplay! Spend time on your boyfriend’s body by touching him, caressing him and treating him with a hand-job or a blowjob and make sure he returns the favour! This special treatment in bed will surely surprise him and get you a few surprises from him as well!

3. Secret fantasies

Everyone has a secret fantasy. Find out what your boyfriend’s secret fantasy is and dress up like his favourite character- nurse, police officer, sexy secretary etc. Wild sex is a guarantee!

3 spice up your sex life

4. Go beyond the bed

If you both are alone at home, make use of the house and get naughty with each other. As soon as things start getting spicy between the two of you, lead him to the kitchen or to the dining table! Take the initiative and take him for a wild surprise!

5. Drop him hints

Drop him a message while he is at work about how you cannot wait to kiss him and make out with him. Or when you both plan to go out for dinner, casually mention to him that you are going commando! Surprised, amused and startled, he will not be able to wait to get his hands on you!

5 spice up your sex life

6. Be his masseuse

After a long and tiring work day, surprise him by becoming his masseuse. Simply ask him to lie down and let your fingers do the magic. It would not be long until he turns around, plants a kiss on your face and leads you into a hot, steamy shower!

7. Strip and tease him

Start by losing one piece of your clothing at a time until you’re completely naked. Show him a move or two while you’re at it. You can also handcuff him while doing so and make him wait for more. We mean more rounds of striptease followed by… You know what! *Wink*

7 spice up your sex life

8. Wear your heels in bed

Surprised with what we mean, right? Well, wearing your high heels in bed when you’re naked will make you look like this sex-goddess that he’s surely going to keep lusting! It’ll also make your legs look super hot. The visual fantasy of you being naked with heels in bed would make him cringe and drool. We mean it!

9. A great lap dance!

The girl-on-top position is something every man LOVES! Just sit on him while he is sitting on a chair or on the bed and grind him to the tune of your fave song! It’s casual yet super flirty and seductive for him to just not be able to resist your body.

9 spice up your sex life

10. Wear his clothes

We know sex is all about being naked but sometimes clothes can also make things delicious! You could wear his favourite team’s jersey or just wear one of his favourite t-shirts! Make sure you wear nothing else except that and see how happy he gets seeing you like that.

11. Let him know your dirty secrets!

Once you’ve tried these things to surprise him why don’t you give him a few hints about the things that you would love in bed and let him do the homework and surprise you in bed? *Wink*

11 spice up your sex life

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