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10 Ways To Spice Things Up With Him When Living With In-Laws!

10 Ways To Spice Things Up With Him When Living With In-Laws!
One of the biggest challenges of living with your in-laws or in a large joint family is that of your intimacy being affected. Even if it’s a large house or if you have a super cool room of your own, you can’t be seen cuddling or locking yourself in your room every chance you get. It can be embarrassing to have sex inside your room when you know the parents are outside! While you can have faith in the fact that the elders may have gone through the same situation and somewhere, they understand you, here are a few quick ways to make love-making ROCK even in this situation!

1. Spice it up

It’s not always about sex. Indulge in some foreplay. Keep chocolates and candy handy. Use lotions and potions and let the room be fragrant. 1 how to make love making awesome

2. Time it right

You don’t have to wait for the night to get intimate. Heard of quickies? Mum-in-law has stepped out to the market? Father-in-law returning home late? Home alone? Make good use of the sofa, but make sure to clean up before the in-laws arrive. Also read: 6 Ways To Make Your Wedding Night *Super* Hot!

3. Find your way

Never miss a chance for those quick kisses and gentle touches. Be romantic, play footsie, wink at each other – just make sure the elders aren’t looking.

4. Cover up

The moaning and groaning during sex isn’t so private in a joint set up. Camouflage it. Don’t have a TV in the bedroom? Put on some movie or a show on your laptop and turn up the volume. Just don’t get distracted and sit in front of it. Do what you want to and make some noise… ;-) 4 how to make love making awesome

5. Spend a night away

Once a month, get away from home. Either go to a hill station nearby, or if you don’t have the time for that, just check into a swanky hotel in the city on the pretext of work. Imagine a whole night with just the two of you!

6. Play strip games

When in your room, play some board games like Monopoly or Snakes & Ladders or Chess, but with your own set of “strip rules” and watch how hot that make-out session gets!

7. Send the family away

To relatives’ houses or for a family outing, while the two of you stay back. The world (read home) is your oyster - make sure you use every corner possible. 7 how to make love making awesome

8. Keep talking about it

Do a bit of dirty talk every chance you get. Share some naughty pictures and texts (make sure your phone has a passcode!). Also read: 7 Simple Tips For The Shy Bride’s Wedding Night

9. Wear sexy stuff

A good lingerie set can be a BIG turn-on for men. Make sure you stock up on these for some awesome bedroom time together.

10. Flirt on

Do some role-play. Secret. Shhhh. Flirt a bit. Just the two of you know what’s happening in your head in broad daylight. Play it out at night.   10 how to make love making awesome GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr