First Time Traveller? Here Are 10 Things To Keep In Mind!

First Time Traveller? Here Are 10 Things To Keep In Mind!

The first time I took a solo trip to a country I knew nothing about, I managed to lose my expensive camera, was denied the official permit from the customs office to enter the country, and was stranded on the border in a torrential downpour with no place to stay. If you think that sounds like a nightmare, believe me, it was way worse when experienced in real life. Because I wish for a world filled with fellow travellers with an unquenchable thirst for adventure, here are a few quick and handy tips for a first time traveller, to successfully push you out of your comfy nest and soar into a whole new world.

1. Research is more valuable than you think

Do it, even if it means going through 12 to 14 different websites to get a rough sketch of the destination you have in mind. There are several travel bloggers online, such as Nomadic Matt (author of How To Travel The World On $50 A Day), and blogs like One Mile At A Time, that provide fantastic guides and insights into different places around the globe.

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2. Don’t wing it!

Yes, we all want to be adventurous free spirits who can just pack our bags overnight and set off from our homes at dawn’s first light, but it’s not as easy (or romantic) in real life. Chalking a brief outline of your itinerary will not only help you stay on track, it can also save a lot of money on unforeseen expenses.

3. Travel apps are your best friends

May it be to find a public washroom in your vicinity, or free wifi access around you, travel apps are a blessing to those fortunate enough to travel in this day and age, where a smartphone makes every decision quick, effortless, and absolutely hassle-free.

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4. Deals and discounts a good explorer make!

It’s unacceptable to just sit back and allow steep airfares and bookings to take over our plans when we can’t even stop whining about surge pricing for Uber and Ola cabs in our daily commute! Head to Make My Trip, ClearTrip, and Yatra for some kickass discounts that are going to make you a total pro at being a seasoned traveller!

5. Be financially prepared

For a first timer, it’s important to set a realistic and an optimum budget for your entire trip so that you don’t come monetarily handicapped to live through your everyday routine. Take into account three different kinds of expenses that will help you set a realistic budget

- everyday expenses (food and transportation)

- flight and hotel bookings (which you should have sorted before you leave home)

- buffer bank (for all your extras like shopping and souvenirs)

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6. Don’t half-ass your way through hotel bookings

Kayak, Agoda, and are some of the most cost-efficient and user-friendly websites that offer great deals and packages for hotel rooms, nearly every day. Sign up to these websites for instant alerts and notifications in your inbox for last minute price drop in bookings.

7. Gather reliable emergency contacts

The idea of being lost in a place you don’t know anyone is downright petrifying. Never travel anywhere without a trusted list of contacts you can get in touch with, for any kind of emergencies, at any given time. Look up embassy and consulate contact details in every new country you decide to visit.

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8. Analyse visa necessities months in advance

Legal formalities, law and order, and rules of travel differ from one country to another, and it cannot be stressed enough as to how careful one ought to be in these matters. Speak to travel consultants, look up forums and blogs, and visit government websites of countries for updated information, particularly regarding your visa, months before you step onto foreign soil.

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9. Push yourself out of your comfort zone

You will have to converse with locals, navigate through unknown streets of cities you’ve only read and heard about, meet strangers who can be both helpful or aggressive, and stay cautious and mindful of your bearings and belongings, everywhere you go. But as you eventually become a pro at quenching your wanderlust, the thrill of uncharted territories is something that will never leave you, no matter your destination!

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10. Things can and will go wrong - you gotta deal with it!

After every website has been scoured through, every deal and discount grabbed, and every day diligently planned for, Murphy’s Law still prevails stating that “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. The best way to go about it? Go with the flow. Avoid panic, stay calm, and climb over those obstacles as and when they come bounding towards you.

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Go and seize the day, girl!

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