9 Fantastic Travel Apps You Need For Your Next Escape!

9 Fantastic Travel Apps You Need For Your Next Escape!

Taking a quick look at the most widely searched apps by travellers, the priorities were stacked from finding apps that allow you to search for public washrooms and safe places recommended by experts near you, to discovering free wifi and taking absolute control over your packing and to-do lists. Staying true to the theme, we bring you some of the best travel apps of the year that are going to make travelling an absolute breeze!

1. Wiffinity

1 travel apps - wiffinity

Why you should get it: Speaking of roaming charges abroad, allow Wiffinity to be your handy guide when it comes to accessing wifi in locations around the world that helps you stay connected while on the go. The Wiffinity community shares passwords of hotspots that you can connect to anonymously without registering and giving away your personal details! How neat is that?

Available on: iOS and Android

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2. Flush

2 travel apps - flush

Why you should get it: With a beautiful interface and amazing design, Flush is the life-saver that does the one job you know you’ll be thankful for, no matter what the trip - find you a public toilet! Sync with Google Maps and tap on the app to receive precise directions to the nearest washroom, so that you don’t spend anxious moments holding it in, and trying to ask kind strangers to point you the way!

Available on: iOS and Android

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3. App In The Air

3 travel apps - app in the air

Why you should get it: Let App In The Air be your personal flying assistant, as the app gives you real-time updates and alerts about your flights, in-airport navigating needs, and automatic check-in availability that collaborates with around 1000 flights from major airports around the globe. Efficiency personified, we think!

Available on: iOS and Android

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4. Lounge Buddy

4 travel apps - lounge buddy

Why you should get it: Now discover, book, and access airport lounges around the world, may it be for a business class traveller looking for membership offers or just a passenger awaiting a long layover until your next flight. Browse photos, reviews, and amenities from fellow Lounge Buddy members and, sit back and relax, while the app takes care of all your needs!

Available on: iOS and Android

5. Circa

5 travel apps - circa

Why you should get it: Don’t lose out on time, even when you’re on the move. Time zones can be a pesky hindrance to travellers, especially to those who frequently visit multiple destinations rapidly and miss out on events and schedules due to lapses in time. Circa lets you personalize your schedules and see overlaps in working hours across continents as per your need and requirements.

Available on: iOS and Android

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6. Rome2Rio

6 travel apps - rome2rio

Why you should get it: A global trip planner that gives you a comprehensive guide to commuting to your destination, that tells you whether you need to take a bus, train, ferry, flight, or drive to your desired town, city, and even continent! With details that include the estimated travel times and fares for your journey, this is one app you certainly cannot do without!

Available on: iOS and Android

7. Google Trips

7 travel apps - google trips

Why you should get it: Have your day made with Google Trips, that uses Gmail to gather reservations and date about your trips to make it the one-stop spot for all your travel essentials, may it be bookings, restaurants, activities, hotel stays and so on. This will help you save you a lot of time to individually hunt for your bearings on multiple apps!

Available on: iOS and Android

8. PackPoint

8 travel apps - packpoint

Why you should get it: Labelled as "A Travel App That Practically Packs Your Bags For You", Packpoint takes over your luggage and packing checklist, that takes into account the warm or cold  weather clothes you will need, if you’re willing to repeat your outfits on the trip, the kind of activities you plan to do in the country, and so much more. All you have to do is punch in your destination and the duration of travel, and off you go on a meticulously planned trip!

Available on: iOS and Android

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9. Guides

9 travel apps - guides by lonely planet

Why you should get it: Brought to you by one of the world’s largest travel content providers Lonely Planet, Guides gives you an in-depth look into your travel itinerary that’s been curated by expert city guides which include offbeat paths to take, safe places for women travellers, where to eat and stay, audiobooks to help you converse in 19 languages, and offline maps to help you save on those roaming charges!

Available on: iOS and Android

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