11 Types Of Sex Every Girl Will Have At Least Once In Her Life!

11 Types Of Sex Every Girl Will Have At Least Once In Her Life!

Throughout your relationship you’ll be having A LOT of sex, well at least we hope. Some of the sex will be mind blowing like the one in The Notebook, some will probably put Christian Grey to shame and some of it will just be a spectacular fail!

We’ve listed 11 types of sex that every girl will have once in the relationship - the good, the bad and the ugly! This list can also serve as a checklist if you want to experiment more in the bedroom

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1. The Car Sex

A teenage favourite, this is the sex type you have because of the lack of a place, unless you’re living on your own or you’re married. It’s exhibitionist and a ride on the wild side (pun intended!). Even though it’s a little difficult to maneuver yourself in a cramped space, there’s no doubt that it’s one of the most thrilling things you’ll ever do!

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2. The Romantic One

Candles everywhere, slow music in the background and dim lights. That’s what romantic sex is all about. Since you’re so in love, you try hard to make everything perfect. This is the type of sex that’s shown in movies - slow, sensual and extremely emotional.

2 types of sex romantic

3. The Take-Me-Right-Now Sex

Sometimes, you are so overcome with desire, you cannot help but ask your man to take you ‘right here and right now’. It’s an intense form of lovemaking and it leaves you wanting more. *Already dreaming about it*

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4. The ‘No Orgasm’ Sex

Some days are just not your days. You have sex where you just don’t experience the big O. It can be because of stress, hormones, not enough foreplay, or just lack of skill. The good thing about this sex type, though, is that it’s all about the journey and not the destination. As holy as that sounds, believe us, even if you don’t climax, it’ll help you get emotionally closer.

4 types of sex frustrated

5. The Tipsy Sex

While drinking may dull your senses, it only works to increase your libido. Suddenly, you just can’t keep your hands off each other and want to make out even if it’s in full public view. After sex, there’s no time to cuddle though because you two have passed out from all that drunk sexercising!

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6. The Quickie

It’s the black sheep of the sex family and all for nothing. But everyone knows that it’s supremely satisfying and relaxing to get done in five minutes or under. Sometimes, all you need and want, is a hard pounding type of sex.

6 types of sex quickie

7. The Shower Sex

You either love shower sex or you completely hate it, but there isn’t a middle ground. Water adds an interesting twist and we’ve all started a morning when we were strapped for time and needed to rush to work with some shower sex. Multi-tasking FTW!

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8. The Porn-Inspired Sex
This is the type of sex you attempt and fail hilariously at. After watching a really good porn movie, sometimes you want to attempt the same. Sadly, you forgot that neither do you look like them nor do you have their flexibility. But you got a funny story out of it, didn’t you?

8 types of sex funny

  1. The Morning Sex

Ahh! The best out of the lot and research has validated this! Sex in the morning sets a tone for the whole day and you’re energised (and happy!) the rest of the day. Just imagine waking up to some oral action. Stuff, dreams are made of!

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10. The Angry Sex

Who remembers what you were fighting or angry about once you start making out mid argument. It’s the most effective way to solve the fight and get an orgasm in the process. Don’t go picking too many fights just for this sex type though!

10 types of sex angry

11. The Kinky Sex

It’s the first time you decided to step over to the dark side. Maybe you saw handcuffs or an eye mask that inspired the kinky sex goddess in you but now there’s no going back! Definitely the type of sex for unique souls.

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