17 *Different* Types Of Sex EVERY Girl Needs To Have Once!

17 *Different* Types Of Sex EVERY Girl Needs To Have Once!
There are tonnes of positions to experiment with when it comes to rolling around in bed with someone! But there are also loads of different types of sex one can have! Who says the magic need only happen within the walls of the bedroom at night time?! How many of these sexual encounters can you tick off your list?

1. Morning Sex

Something about morning sex is just so much better than regular sex... It's way better than an alarm clock, that's for sure!

2. Sex On A Rooftop

Hopefully somewhere where there aren't pesky, nosy neighbours!!

3. Light Bondage Sex

Hey, it looks really hot, okay? Don't diss it before you try it, we say! 3 types of sex

4. Secret Sex

Maybe at a party? Or a secret sexual affair all together?! Could be so exciting!

5. Public Sex

Okay, maybe make that semi-public… And while you're on holiday, for sure!

6. The Mile High Club

Speaking of going on holiday… Why not try it on the plane itself?! 6 types of sex

7. Sex In Front Of A Mirror

Seriously though, you will actually get lost and turned on looking at your own body… Not to mention his too!!

8. Drunk Sex

With someone you trust, obviously. There's something amazing about losing control and inhibitions!

9. Shower Sex

Hoisted up against the wall or bent over - it sure gets steamy in there! 9 types of sex

10. Sex On The Kitchen Floor

The perks of being a domestic Goddess? Serving yourself up for dessert!

11. A Quickie

When the situation is just right, there's nothing like the rush of a quickie!

12. Sex With Music And Candles

Setting the mood like this just enhances the experience so, so much more! 12 types of sex

13. Experimental Sex

Step out of that comfort zone of yours and try something new! Maybe even a threesome perhaps?!

14. Sex In A Hot Tub

More of a foreplay situation, since that much water can make things tricky - definitely be on top for this one!  

15. Sex In A Hotel Room

The fluffy pillows and duvet were made for this kinda magic, trust us! 15 types of sex

16. All Night Marathon Sex

Sometimes you just gotta go for Gold after all! But make sure you don't need to move the next day! *Wink*

17. Sex On A Boat

We mean if you find yourself alone with your partner on a boat (or a yacht, we aren't fussy)... Then why not?! The rocky movement can be a big plus! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr