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7 Types Of Girlfriends We ALL Have!

7 Types Of Girlfriends We ALL Have!
Sugar, spice and everything nice - that's how it feels to be a part of a girl gang. And if you are part of a girl squad, you will know that there are a few stereotypes that most squads have. From the all-rounder who is envied by the rest to the bookworm everyone worships during exams, here’s listing 7 types of girls in a girl gang and their fashion favorites.

Type Of Girls And Their Fashion Favorites

1.The Girly Girl

types of girls This girly girl is the one likely to love pastels and bright colours. She loves her dresses, dainty accessories, hair clips and wholeheartedly embraces her femininity. The girly girl pays a lot of attention to her appearance and is the one everyone looks up to for fashion advice. If you fit into this category, then this pretty dress with a candy bag will definitely win your heart.

2. The Casual Girl

types of girls The casual girl lives in her jeans...literally! It is her go-to staple when she can’t think of what to wear. But that does not make her any less fashionable because she carries this look with a lot of chutzpah! A casual pair of jeans with a cool top and sneakers is perfect for the bindass girl in the group who takes life as it comes.

3. The Brainy Girl

types of girls She is usually the one you think of a night before your exams. Brainy girls can be identified as the ones who are always attentive in class. They love going to the library and are always spotted with a book in hand. She has her pretty glasses on most of the time and values comfort over fashion. If you’re the brainy girl in a girl gang, you’ll need a bag that is big enough to carry all your books, comfortable pair of jeans and a baggy shirt that spells “I don’t care!”.

4. The Let’s-Go-Party Girl

types of girls Whatever the mood, there’s always one girl in a girl squad who loves to go partying. It can be a friend’s break-up, a birthday celebration or even low marks in an exam - partying is essential for good times and bad ones. This girl is the one you turn to when you want to let your hair down and simply relax. If you are a party diva, you’re lucky, because you can pick from the amazing collection of dresses and accessories from Vero Moda to suit every occasion.

5. The Tomboy

types of girls You’ll identify a tomboy as the one who is bro-zoned by all the guys around her. She doesn’t mind it though, she loves their company. She does not understand dresses and skirts and shorts are her best friends. She is always the protective one during a girls night out and is always ready for a fight. Loose shirts and graphic tees are her favourite and she could be in them almost all the time.

6. The Traditional-Turned-Mod Girl

types of girls Every girl gang will have one girl who loves a touch of Indian in everything she wears. It could mean wearing a dupatta along with a tank top or a simple indo-western top along with jeans and big jhumkas - these girls like a mix of Indo-western in their look. They know the best deals when it comes to junk jewellery and always find the coolest cotton and linen kurtas and skirts. You turn to these lovely people when you’re about to attend a wedding or puja.

7. The Sporty Girl

types of girls The sporty girl is one who always runs off to play sports in college. She’s barely ever in class and is always sporting her track pants or shorts with a sporty t-shirt. For the sporty girl, comfort is style and these cool pair of track pants along with a casual t-shirt is what they love to wear. And let's be fair, they pull it off with style. * This is a sponsored post for Vero Moda.