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#TravelTips: 9 Fun Things To Do For FREE In *Any* City!

#TravelTips: 9 Fun Things To Do For FREE In *Any* City!

Travel can be expensive and if not done resourcefully, can burn a huge hole in your pocket. But there’s always a way to make the most of an experience, without having to completely let go of your purse strings. Keeping this in mind, we bring you a list of fun things you can do for free, in any city across the world!

1. Explore markets!

1 things you can do for free - explore markets

It’s the one place, no matter where you go, that you’ll be able to experience the essence of the city and take it all in. A bustling marketplace can give you the pulse and flavour of the city, for absolutely free, and still make you feel like you’ve earned your place in its heart.

2. Create your own food trail!

With good research and an open mind, this can be done, based on the location you intend to visit. Set off on a food tasting adventure through the city, making efficient use of the venues that offer the service. As a tourist, you’ll be surprised at the number of places that offer a complimentary slice of their culinary delights!

3. Sample picture-perfect views!

3 things you can do for free - gorgeous views

If there ever was a fact that needed to be tried and tested, it would be that ‘the best things in life are free’. Take your pick of the destination’s most scenic views, may it be the highest point of a monument or a sunset to die for, and prove the fact true! Your soul is sure to feel like a million bucks!

4. Window shop like a pro!

Of course, this is implied no matter the city that you choose to visit, but do make an effort to walk everywhere that your feet can take you. Maybe note down the landmark, store, and contact details of a place you love, and come back to splurge later.

5. Give back to society!

5 things you can do for free - volunteer

Lending a helping hand to a community that has pledged to do good to society, is a rewarding experience, anywhere you go. It’s also the most genuine way to meet people, build a network of like-minded individuals, and make connections that last a lifetime. Not to mention all the good karma and positive vibes that you will receive!

6. Converse and communicate

‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ - the phrase holds true, not just for Rome, but for every place across the world. Become a part of the conversation with the residents of the region, and watch your trip take a delightful detour to the life of the city, on a journey that no travel guide or tour brochure will be able to to take you. Apps like GPS My City can help you take some of the best self-guided city walks around the globe.

7. Take a bite out of the culture!

7 things you can do for free - culture performance

Every city comes with its own brand of beauty and breathtaking sights that you need to experience to imbibe it in you. And nothing beats the vibrant culture and diversity that you get to become a part of, as a traveller. Make it a point to explore the artistic side of the city, and witness the local talent that has the potential to blow your mind! Time Out can help you find some of the best events happening in cities around the world.

8. Go natural!

We’re talking conservation parks, manicured gardens, hikes and road trails, heritage sites, and every other wonderful opportunity where you get to experience the bounty of flora and fauna, in all its glory. All you need is your sense of adventure, as you watch your wanderlust take flight and give you memories of a lifetime.

9. Take a walk through time!

9 things you can do for free - heritage and architecture

Architectural landscapes that wow us are never going to be in short supply. And even after you’ve seen more than 50 odd museums, galleries, libraries, and religious places of worship, you know your heart is still going to sing when the next list of beautiful locations shows up on your Insta feed!

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Published on Aug 29, 2017
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