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9 Super Fun (And FREE!) Things To Do With Your Besties!

9 Super Fun (And FREE!) Things To Do With Your Besties!
That’s the thing about being young - we have got loads of time and energy to do just about anything we want to, but no money. Our pocket money for the month (or even our salary) usually doesn’t last beyond the first week, and for the rest of the month - we keep scrapping for it, delaying plans, putting everything to conti. But worry no more, for here are 9 things you can do with your friends without spending any money. Crazy fun guaranteed!

1. Camp on the roof

Build tents from old bed sheets and stuff them with pillows, or bring up cots on your roof, and just spend the night under the stars. Gazing at them with your friends will take you back to those old memories - and by the time the sun wakes you up in the morning, you’ll feel closer to your friends than ever before. It’s the stardust magic!

2. Fish out those cards, that Ludo set, the carrom board. Or spin a bottle!

You never need no money to play. Competing just for the heck of it with your friends is crazy fun. Play bluff, UNO, teen patti with cards, or go for rounds of ludo and carrom - or force each other into crazy dares, spilling embarrassing truths or handling hilarious situations. It’ll be an evening you’d never want to end!
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3. Watch movies at home

Ditch that theatre, and rent a few movies, and invite your friends over. Prepare some popcorn and Rooh Afza, dim the lights and huddle up on the couch. The best part? You can laugh like crazy and there’ll be no one to shush you...

4. Volunteer for concerts and events

Why would you work for no money? Well, because you still want exclusive passes to these concerts and events which you can’t really afford otherwise! And it’s not just that - volunteering is so much fun, because you’re handling celebs, meeting new people, getting exclusive privileges and free food! things to do with friends

5. Make crazy videos/ posts and put them up on Youtube

‘Coz who really knows what may go viral these days? Plus it’ll be fun to share it with others. Or maybe just take selfies in the most random places and make crazy Dubsmash videos with your friends and post them online!

6. Turn up the music and rain-dance!

And on days when there is no rain, turn up the sprinklers in somebody’s garden and play with water. Who says you need Holi? Rain dances never needed anything more than a couple of friends looking for some fun! things to do with friends

7. Binge-watch a TV series

Take your pick from the recent blockbusters - Game Of Thrones, TVF Pitchers, or go classic with FRIENDS or HIMYM. Post binge watching, you may just feel like you’ve just lived a life in the parallel universe - but it’ll be worth it!

8. Go cycling

As we grow older, we dump our first rides for those fancy bikes and cars. But if you wanna have some real fun, pick up those old cycles and go on a cycling trip with your buddies. Stop on your way at a dhaba to freshen up, and then pick up the pace again. You’ll burn those calories and feel absolutely amazing! things to do with friends 1

9. Host a spa day

Give those costly salons a break. Prepare clean towels and ask your friends to show up at your place with their grooming kits. Get in your robes, give each other cute mani-pedis or maybe even a fancy facial. Look pretty, and have fun while doing it! things to do with friends 9 GIFs: tumblr, giphy  MUST-READ: 7 Things I’ll Never Regret Spending Money On (Even If I’m Broke) MUST-READ: The 20s Story: 19 Things You MUST Do With Your Besties!