15 Dirty Thoughts EVERY Girl Has After ‘First Time Sex’!

15 Dirty Thoughts EVERY Girl Has After ‘First Time Sex’!

Having sex for the first time is a completely new and different experience for all of us. It unleashes the inner sex goddess in us and introduces us to a whole new world of pleasure. Here are 15 dirty thoughts all girls have after ‘first time’ sex!

1. ‘Wow, that was much better than I expected. All that foreplay totally paid off!’

1 dirty thoughts smiling in bed

2. ‘Shit! I need to go use the washroom. But my legs feel like jelly and I don’t want to get up from the bed.’

3. ‘I want to try kinkier stuff. How cool would it be if I was tied up? Wow, I didn’t know I liked these things. I surprise myself everyday!’

4. ‘I had no idea that him going down on me was going to be this good. I was feeling self conscious for nothing.’

4 dirty thoughts kristen stewart

5. ‘Going down on him wasn’t half that bad either. The look on his face totally showed that he was loving it!’

6. ‘Cuddling is so overrated. I’m so sticky and hot right now. And he’s so heavy. But I liked that five minutes ago when he was on top!’ *wink*

7. ‘I was really loud, wasn’t I? But I was enjoying it so much, I really couldn’t help my moans.’

7 dirty thoughts moaning

8. ‘Sex is so addictive. I want that tingly feeling all over my body again. Lucky I am a woman and can have multiple orgasms!’

9. ‘I could spend my life like this - sex and sleep! I’d want for nothing more ever and I’d never leave this bed again.’

10. ‘I want to try that position I saw in that movie. It looked so sexy. But will he think I’m being too aggressive?’

10 dirty thoughts twilight

11. ‘If I climb on top of him right now, will he be able to do it or is he just too tired?’

12. ‘People are right, sex is ALMOST better than food. Almost because nothing can beat the pizza that I tried the other day.’

13. ‘Sigh! How did I get so lucky to have somebody so good in bed? But he’s pretty lucky too, remember the thing I did for him?’

13 dirty thoughts

14. ‘Is sex this amazing for everyone? How do people manage to do anything else is beyond me!’

15. ‘I feel like a sex goddess right now. Who knew sex could do that to you? We’re definitely going for a round two.’

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