10 Sweet & Surprising Things About ‘First Time’ Sex!

10 Sweet & Surprising Things About ‘First Time’ Sex!
For two people in a relationship, having sex for the first time can connect them on a deeper level and bring them closer. Yes, the first time involves a lot of nervousness and clumsiness... But here are a few sweet and surprising things that also take place once you have had sex with your partner!

1. It will bond both of you

During sex, the brain releases oxytocin or rather, the ‘cuddle hormone’ which makes a couple feel closer after sex and makes your bond stronger.

2. You will feel sexy

Sex makes you feel young! You'll realize how irresistible you are. Being intimate with someone can make you feel sexy and amazing about yourself!
2 having sex for the first time

3. You will shed all the layers of awkwardness

Being naked in front of your partner removes all inhibitions and awkwardness between two people. The chemistry created in bed also helps connect on a deeper and more personal level!

4. It will de-stress you

Sex can make you feel energized and take away all the stress in your body. The hormones released in your body during and after sex can do magic for you!! 4 having sex for the first time

5. Your self esteem will go higher

You begin to feel more confident about yourself and have better self-esteem. Being in bed naked might initially make you feel shy and awkward but slowly, this feeling will go away and you will begin to feel great about yourself!

6. You will sleep well

You have no idea what a peaceful and good sleep you can have after sex... It is proven to be one of the most fantastic ways to help you sleep well! 6 having sex for the first time

7. Your blush will turn into a glow

Yes, having sex for the first time will make you blush often for a few days but regular sex will result in glowing and flawless skin! Brilliant, right?

8. You'll burn calories

Sex is a great workout. You could end up burning almost 145 calories within half an hour in bed! Who needs the gym now?!
8 having sex for the first time

9. It will boost your libido

Once you have sex, you will crave more of it! Sex increases your libido and makes you want more of it. End result - you both wouldn’t be able to keep your hands off each other!

10. It will make you both feel loved

You don't need to hear the words to feel loved after a good time in bed. It's just understood! 10 having sex for the first time GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr