Sunday Shorts: 3 Naughty Tales Of Sneaking *Him* In!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Naughty Tales Of Sneaking *Him* In!

1. Noiseless!

He was supposed to come over to my place while my mom and dad were at work, but five minutes before he could come, my dad entered. The disappointment, of course, was without any parallel. What would be the reason for you sneaking your boyfriend in? A really crazy desire to be with him and your father immediately going off to sleep? That were reason enough for me! I asked him to take his shoes off outside the house so no noise would be made. I then sneakily opened the door pretending to take my dog out for a walk while he entered the house and ran up the stairs to my room. When I entered the room, he grabbed me by my waist and planted a kiss on my lips, even before I could lock the door. What followed was the best sex I’ve ever had. I guess the thrill of being caught added to our passion.

Lucky for us, my dad was quite sleepy and he didn’t notice even when I sneaked him out three hours later!

1 sneaking your boyfriend in - kissing in elevator

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2. Out Of The Window He Jumped!

My parents were going on a mini break to Lonavala and guess what? I had the whole house to myself! The first person I had to call over was none other than my boyfriend. He rang the doorbell and my heart skipped a beat.  

As soon as he stepped in, I wrapped my arms around him and pressed my lips against his. After all, both of us had just one thing on our mind (No prizes for guessing what that was). While he scooped me up in his arms and walked towards the bedroom door, he threw me on the bed and began to undress me. Just when things were about to get hot and heavy, we heard the doorbell ring. Immediately, we switched on all the lights and quickly put on our clothes. Nowhere to run, I asked him to hide under my bed, but he was beyond nervous. Just before I could look back, the guy jumped out off my window! Lucky for him, I stayed on the first floor. With just a few minor scratches, he was safe. In the meantime, due to bad weather, my parents drove home and scolded me for keeping the windows open on a chilly, rainy night. *Sigh*

2 sneaking your boyfriend in - guy jumping out window

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3. Are we in the clear yet?

My family home is in a nosey neighbourhood so getting a boy home in my parents’ house was unthinkable for the longest time. My neighbours would start snooping and gossiping even before a guy was inside the door. So, when S suggested that he could come over on the weekend my family was away, my first instinct was to say no. But then I was suddenly in the mood for living my life on the edge. I spent hours setting the ground - talking loudly in the verandah about someone coming to fix the AC. My boyfriend showed up at 11 in the morning - respectable hour for one. And then I ushered him in, keeping a respectable distance, in case we were being pried on.

But the moment we were inside the door, I hugged and kissed him like we hadn’t met in ages. The whole day we chilled at home, watching movies and cooking up a storm. He sneaked out early the next morning, but not before planting a big kiss on my lips.

3 sneaking your boyfriend in - kissing couple

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