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12 Cute Ways To Cheer Up Your Boyfriend When He’s Feeling Sad

12 Cute Ways To Cheer Up Your Boyfriend When He’s Feeling Sad
It's never a nice feeling when your bae is feeling blue. You want to be there for him and try and make things better - but sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what to do. Remember that he will pull himself out of this slump eventually and even if you can't help him through, here are some ideas on how to cheer up your boyfriend anyway!

1. Write him a little note

Tell him why you love him and what makes him so special! You could even write down a memory of yours that you cherish and know will bring a smile to his face!

1 cheer up your boyfriend

2. Take him out to a sports bar

Maybe his favourite team is playing? Or his least favourite - so you both can enjoy trashing them the whole time! Nothing better than time to switch off and chill and let off some steam!

3. Book tickets to go and see his favourite local team!

In case his favourite team is playing a big match - it would be awesome to surprise him with tickets and take his mind off other things for the night!

4. Cook him his fave meal

Okay, so it's a cliche - but it works! What about recreating the first meal you two ever had together? Or even just a combination of all of his favourite dishes! Food is one of the best pick-me-ups!

4 cheer up your boyfriend

5. Download an entire season of his fave show for him to binge watch

Leave it on a USB along with his favourite snacks! He'll be one happy bunny in no time! (Even though you might not hear from him until the season is over!)

6. Go out for a long walk together and get some fresh air...

Surprise him with a playlist of his favourite music! If he's super into Coke studio or the Rock On 2 soundtrack, just download it and let him drift off with the sounds he loves while he holds hands with you during that walk!

7. Arrange a boys night out for him and his besties

Take care of all the arranging! If he's not so much into the clubbing and bar routine - why not organize a 5-a-side football match for them to play - book the court and text his friends!

7 cheer up your boyfriend

8. Give him a nice, long massage

Ease away the tension of the day, little by little - it might even lead to some distraction sex. And, let's be honest, good sex can cheer up the saddest of boyfriends!

9. Offer your organisational skills

Sometimes we get down in the dumps because we don't know where to start to make things better. Sit down with him and work on a strategy together! You know what they say - the couple that plans together, stays together!

10. Talk to him

Be there for him, but don't put pressure! If he just needs someone to listen and be a friend then you can be that person!

10 cheer up your boyfriend

11. Compliment him

It could be anything - the way he smells, his hair, the fact that he is a good boyfriend! This small gesture of appreciation can make his mood instantly better.

12. Cuddle with him

Trust us, it works for boys too! Cuddles are the best way to cheer someone up and let them know you are there for them. Hold him really, really tight and just tell him that everything will be fine.

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