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10 Condom Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making

10 Condom Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making

Condoms are the easiest form of protection during sex and handling them does not seem like rocket science, right? Well, even though we all may feel like we have aced the game, there are still many mistakes that every couple makes while using a condom. We have listed 10 condom mistakes so that you can avoid making them!

1. Wearing it only before you’re about to climax

So, here is the deal - condoms not only protect you from unplanned pregnancy, but they also help you steer clear off sexually transmitted diseases. Hence, it’s important to wear them throughout the intercourse.

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2. Leaving no space at the tip of the condom

That space is for the semen to stay. Not leaving enough space increases the chances of the condom breaking.

3. Not checking the condom before using it

It’s very important to check the condition of the condom before you put it on. Chances of you using a condom that’s broken is huge, which in turn is VERY risky!

4. Using oil or creams as lube with latex condoms

Not every kind of lube goes well with latex condoms. You definitely don’t want to experiment with oil or other kinds of creams. You might end up with some skin irritation or rash! Make sure you are using water based, silicone or glycerin based lubes.

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5. Not checking the expiry date

Yes! Condoms expire too. It is always better to check the date before using it. Condoms with lubes, sometimes have a shorter life.

6. Wearing two condoms

Wearing two condoms does not guarantee double protection. In fact, it can cause a lot of friction resulting in the breakage of both. Hence, using one condom is more than enough.

7. Wearing the condom even after you’re done

It is normal to cuddle after sex but make sure you let him remove the condom. Letting it stay on might result in the ejaculation hardening or the sperms mixing with pre-ejaculate fluid which could lead to impregnation in the next round of foreplay!

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8. Wearing it upside down

A lot of people get confused about what side is right or wrong so it’s always better to see a YouTube tutorial before actually wearing it. There is no harm in knowing how to wear one the right way.

9. Not using female condoms

Female condoms are as effective as male condoms and provide equal amount of protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The only problem is that people don’t know much about these and hence they’re not widely used.

10. Biggest mistake of them all - not wearing a condom

Nothing in the world should stop you from wearing a condom because they are your one stop protection from unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. So no matter what happens remember to put it on!

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