13 Facts About Condoms EVERY Girl Should Know!

13 Facts About Condoms EVERY Girl Should Know!
Juno (from the movie Juno) probably didn’t know this, but condoms are the best bet against unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and we owe A LOT to this invention. While we support the ‘no glove, no love’ philosophy, here are 13 condom facts many of us may still not know! Fasten your seat belt ladies, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride... (No pun intended!)

1. They’re ancient

Different civilizations had different forms of protection. Let’s just cut it short by saying that they were made of bizarre things like a goat's bladder or a pig’s intestine. Keeping aside the technicalities, aren't we happy that our ancestors were as worried about protection as we are? Condom facts 1

2. Condoms don’t affect how good (or bad) the sex is

While many people feel that sex is much better without a condom, it is actually not at all hampered by the condom in any way. Sex can be made just as good with a condom - especially considering you're not constantly worried about him pulling out in time.

3. They work only 97% of time

Yes, it's true. Using a condom does not guarantee 100% protection against unplanned pregnancy. Time to be a little cautious between the sheets, huh?

4. The world’s most expensive condom?

Did you know that there was a 200-year-old condom that was auctioned for £440 (almost Rs 44,000)? This was not the usual latex condom. It was actually made from a sheep's intestine. Amazed? So are we!! condom facts 4

5. That capacity, though…

An average condom can hold up to approximately 3 litres of liquid. Seems legit considering the condom challenge, huh? But it's always good to know!

6. Using two condoms does not really mean extra protection

Using one condom over the other is actually reducing the effectiveness of the condoms. The friction can tear them both and the result will be counterproductive.

7. People still refer to condoms as chhatri, topi, etc.

We are in the 21st century and have been screaming out loud about sex education and safe sex but people still shy away from calling a condom by its actual name. condom facts 7

8. A condom does not have to cover the entire penis

As long as it’s covering the head of the penis fully, it’s considered safe. A condom almost never covers the entire penis and that's completely normal.

9. There are fun alternative to regular condoms

There aren't just weird flavours like brinjal but also some super-cool, glow-in-the-dark condoms too. Look where technology has led us!

10. They can get stuck in a woman’s vagina

No matter how careful you are during sex, something weird can still happen. While you’re at it, a condom can get stuck inside a woman’s vagina. The best way to deal with it is to pull it out gently and consult your gynae. condom facts 10

11. Female condoms!

We all know about the regular male condoms but did you know about female condoms? Yes, they exist! These are inserted into a woman’s vagina and serve the same purpose as male condoms.

12. Condom disposal

NEVER flush the condoms down the toilet! It might seem obvious to you but many people still think this is a good way to dispose off condoms. It's NOT! Just knot it at the top, wrap it up in a tissue and throw it in the dustbin.

13. Storing a condom safely

Yet again, this is something we all THINK we know already. But did you know that keeping a condom in extreme moisture or humidity can actually damage it? Even storing it in a wallet can damage it! Condom facts 13 Images: Tumblr