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9 Fun Ways to Mess With Your Frenemies!

Tanushree Bhasin

Guest Contributor

Everyone has friends who are annoying, evil, irritating and in many ways worse than enemies! Don’t you sometimes wish you could just drop a bucket of slime on their heads? If you spend many a waking hour wondering how you can seriously mess with them, we are here to help. Check out our list of absolutely fabulous and funny pranks you can play on your haters/ friends/ frenemies!

1. Get hold of their Facebook account and change their relationship status to "got engaged"!

funny pranks

2. Scrape the vanilla cream out of a bunch of Oreo cookies and replace them with Colgate toothpaste! Be sure to leave a plate of these cookies on the target’s desk without them seeing you.

10 Fun Ways to Mess With Your Frenemies!

3. Cover their beautiful brand-new car (which they never cease showing off about) with post-its or wet toilet paper!

funny pranks

4. Poke lots of holes with a pin in their cigarettes. Watch the smoke billow into their face as they light up and take a drag...

funny pranks

5. The newest fad is to send your enemies an anonymous letter. Except, instead of putting a hate note in the envelope, you fill it up with glitter. As soon as they open it up, there will be glitter all over them. And you know how hard it is to get glitter off, right?

funny pranks

6. Buy a lot of creepy dolls and place them at strategic places at your enemy’s home or work station. Now stand back and watch them freaking out!

funny pranks

7. If you have access to your enemy's phone, here’s what you do: take a screenshot of their home page, move their home page icons to a different location on the phone and set the screenshot you just took as their wallpaper. They will keep tapping at their screen all day without anything opening up! Watch this video for more.

8. If you want to do something seriously evil, log on to this website: - you can paste the URL of any website you want, and it lets you make edits to website’s homepage - not the live one, duh! Now, for example, you can upload your boss’s photo and write “XYZ named 2015’s worst boss.” Trust me, for at least a while, your boss won’t know what hit her!

9. Ring your frenemy’s doorbell and hide. Do this 3-4 times. Repeat every day for a few days.

funny pranks


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Published on Jan 20, 2015
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