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April Fool Pranks For Kids

April Fools’ Day Pranks For Kids That’ll Have You All Laugh Out Loud!

Kids and adults alike, we all enjoy playing pranks on each other, don’t we? While some may crib, cry, or complain, on April 1st no one is excused! It’s a day when everyone can be pranked, especially the little ones. So if you’re a young parent looking for ‘April Fool pranks on kids’, this list of last-minute April Fool pranks for kids will have you sorted. We’ve curated some of the best pranks you can play on your kids and have a hearty laugh.

Hide in their closet with a mask

One of the most harmless pranks for kids, this will both surprise and scare them!

Decorate a sponge to make it look like a cake

Looking for an easy April Fools’ Day prank for kids? Your kids might hate you for this one, but the reactions you’re going to get out of them after they take the first bite is going to be epic!

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Serve your kids a foolish meal

Show us a kid who doesn’t love junk food and we will give you a lifetime supply of your favourite junk food. Play with them by allowing them to have whatever they want. But the twist is that their much-loved food items will be served with a weird food combo! Think Nutella with momos… you get the drift, right?!

Fake poop

This one is a bit nasty but remember, life is better when you are laughing. You can either invest in a life-size realistic fake turd, you’ll find it on the internet or you can create your own – with chocolate, we mean. Once you have your (master)piece ready, place it anywhere to disgust them. This is a weird prank for kids but a rememberable one. 

Freeze bugs into ice cubes

Steal their plastic bugs or bring them new ones. Next, freeze them into ice cubes and pour them into their drinks. Now watch their faces turn all sorts of colours.

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Hide all your kids shoes

If you’re looking to pull a safe April Fool’s prank on kids, this is it! Put them in a shoe-crisis as you make them run around to get out the door. Hide one shoe of every pair in a secret location, leave them hints.

Talk to your kids in a language they don’t understand

Don’t talk to them normally, instead make a rhyme out of whatever you say. Or just invent your own language for the day. Confuse them and enjoy their confusion.

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Fill their Oreo cookies with toothpaste

Definitely, one of the most kid-friendly pranks to do at home, this idea will have them screaming, in delight. Imagine their faces when they take a bite! Do not let them eat the entire biscuit, because consuming toothpaste in large quantities is unsafe.


Serve them a bowl of worms

This crazy Halloween food item can easily be used for an April Fools’ prank for kids. Look online for the recipe of Jello Worms and serve your little ones a bowl full!

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Tape the sensor of your TV remote

Tape up the remote sensor using a small strip of tape, sit back, relax & watch your kid trying hard to put their favourite TV show on.

Trick them with the sink soap dispenser

Replace the liquid soap of your kid’s washroom with a syrup for a sticky washroom prank that will have them screaming as they rush out for your help.


Play the copy game

Make sure you start this prank early in the morning as you wake up next to them and copy everything they do until they cry and you’ve to let them know that it’s an April Fools’ prank.

Toss them a rubber egg

Arrange for a rubber egg, take it out and toss it towards them for some instant fun! While this prank lasts only seconds, the face they make trying to catch it or dodge it will be fun to watch.

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Replace air freshener with some bizarre scent

Cover up the other scent bottle with the plastic that’s on the air freshener bottle. Ask your kids to spray some in their room and watch them scream with horror.


Put confetti on the fan

Well, they might not hate this April Fools’ prank much. What you have to do is, set some confetti atop the blades of their ceiling fan. When your child switches their fan on, confetti will blanket the room. If they enjoy it, make them clean it afterwards. *HA HA*

Place an upside-down glass

This is a gravity-defying prank that will leave your kids shocked! Place an upside-down glass of water on their desk and let them figure out how to remove the glass without spilling the water. To pull off this trick, fill a glass with water, then place a card over the top. Next, turn it upside down on the surface. Then carefully remove the card.

Put bugs in their night lamp

Easy but cringy, Google for bugs & print out a silhouette of a two-inch-long bug. Next, cut it out and tape it to the inside of the lampshade in your child’s room. One of the horror prank for kids. 

Spill milk on your laptop

Spill some milk on your laptop, not literally, and scold them for it. You can either invest in a milk splatter toy or create your own with the help of glue. Pour some glue on a piece of glass or any smooth surface, in the shape of a splatter, let it dry and you have your own very own fake mistake.


Paint their bathing soap with clear nail polish

Coat the bar of soap in their washroom with clear nail polish and let it dry. Then put it in their washroom and hear them tell you all about their no foam shower.

Spook them at 3 AM

Hide several alarm clocks set 5 minutes apart from 3 AM in your kid’s bedroom! Beware, they might come over to sleep in your room after this one.

Place heavy rocks in their school bag

Put some heavy rocks in the bottom of your child’s backpack and watch them cluelessly wonder what is really going on.

We hope you enjoyed going through our collection of April Fools’ Day pranks for kids. Get set to share a good dose of laughter with your family. Happy pranking!


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