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13 Facebook Statuses To Put On *His* Profile As A Prank!

13 Facebook Statuses To Put On *His* Profile As A Prank!

Humour brings people closer! There is nothing cuter than a couple that can laugh at each other and also at themselves. Harmless pranks here and there are just the things that every couple needs to make life fun. Here are 13 hilarious Facebook statuses to put on his profile as a joke and have a hearty laugh about later. Also, to add some brownie points, all these jokes can be ideal April fool pranks for your boyfriend. Have a look!

1. ‘I just got the Brazilian wax. Best feeling ever! Can’t wait to show it off!’

And we can’t wait for the reactions!

2. ‘Guys, I’m really happy today! Drinks on me. Meet me at *insert name of bar* at 9 PM.’

Just make sure you take him to that bar and then it’ll be a blast!

3. ‘Not saying my girlfriend is the best thing that happened to me but if I were to choose between her and my PS4, I’d gladly ditch my PS4.’

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We know that’s never happening but a girl can dream.

4. ‘Just realized I have the biggest man-crush on Tiger Shroff. Jaggu Dada, you did a good job there!’

The comments on this one will be hilarious!

4 facebook statuses laughing adele

5. ‘Tadpaye tarsaye re, saari raat jagaye re, pyaar tera dilli ki sardi.’

Nothing says funny like cheesy Bollywood songs.

6. ‘Decided to burn a lot of calories today so I set my fridge on fire!’


7. ‘I’m so proud of myself. I finished a jigsaw puzzle in 5 months when the box said 2-4 years.’

He’s not stupid, just a little slow!

7 facebook statuses eyebrow raising

8. ‘The only exercise I’ve done this month is run out of motivation and money.’

Maybe that’ll get him to work out!

9. ‘I’m never going back to the restaurant I went to last night. Been in the bathroom all morning!’

Toilet humour is the best!

10. ‘Ma always says that if I keep up with my annoying habits, I’m going to die alone. The joke’s on her because I’m alive and alone.’

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Single jokes will never not be funny!

10 facebook statuses ellen laughing

11. ‘Had the best time pole dancing last night. I think that’s the job for me!’

Ahaan! *wink*

12. ‘If I get a hundred likes on this status, I will strip tease for all my friends on Facebook live.’

What are the chances of this?

13. ‘Love is an open door… of the fridge, at two in the night! I feeling like channeling my inner Elsa today!’

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We’ve all been there, dear boyfriend!

13 facebook statuses beyonce singing

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13 Jul 2017

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