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April Fools Pranks For Boyfriend

32 April Fools’ Pranks For Boyfriend That You Can Pull Over Phone or Text

What’s a relationship without an element of fun? While those romantic drives and candlelight dinners are heaps adorbs, some sense of humour can bring you even closer. Guess what? April Fools’ Day is right around the corner and gives you the perfect opportunity to bring in some harmless fun with your bae. Check out these kickass ideas for pranks to pull on your boyfriend over phone or text and make the first day of April memorable and full of giggles:

Whether you want to tease your boyfriend or want to have a good laugh after pulling April Fools’ prank on him over the phone, you need to read these prank ideas for April Fools’ pranks for your boyfriend.

1. Create An “Alarming” Situation

You can set up a couple of back-to-back alarms with awkward ringtones so he wakes up feeling clueless! If he’s grumpy in the morning, you can keep a cup of his fave coffee ready to kiss and make up later when he comes to know that you were the brain behind the mischief.

2. Send A Puppy Face to Your Boyfriend

Send Him A Puppy Face - good april fools pranks over text

Not yours, girl. Download a picture of a cute puppy from the Internet and share it with your boyfriend saying you’ve got a pet at home for him. If he gets emotional about it, maybe you guys can get a real one later. If not, just enjoy watching him freak out. 


3. Make An “Accidental” Call

Call your boyfriend up and pretend like you’re unaware of it while you can moan or flirt with your guy friend for more impact. That’s it. Get set to watch him freak out!

4. Text Your Boyfriend About That Call From His Office 

Text your boyfriend about that non-existent call from his office that you got this morning about his absence from work for a week. Make sure you sound extremely pissed off if he calls to ask.

5. Be a “Dream Girl” for Your Boyfriend

Be His “Dream Girl” - april fools pranks for boyfriend

Take some inspo from Ayushmann Khurrana’s Dream Girl and call your boyfriend from an unknown number. Talk to him in a seductive voice or have your gal pal do it for you. Don’t forget to mute the call in case you break into a laugh after seeing his reaction. 

6. Mess up His Setup (Just Slightly)

If your boyfriend is obsessed with keeping things around him at the right place every time and cannot see any object moving from its place from here and there, then this April fools prank for your boyfriend. When he’s out of home, just do hera pheri, which means, pick up objects, decorations, any item that he keeps always surrounded with him, and change the position or switch it from one room to another. When he will notice, pretend like he’s wrong and they’ve always been just like that and let him think what’s wrong?


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7. Prank Your Boyfriend With Some Nudes… NOT!

Send a naughty text to your boyfriend asking if he would like to see some sexy nude pictures. When he says yes (which he obviously will!), send him tons of lipstick shades… in NUDE! This is one of the naughtiest april fools’ pranks for boyfriends over phone.

You can make it up to him by actually sending some later! *wink*. You can also play this April fool prank on friends

8. Rubber Band Barrier

Invest in some opportunity to wrap one of their most fundamental items – like the controller or their cell phone – with heaps of elastic groups. Then watch them attempt to stay patient long enough to free it.


9. Shopping Horror

If your guy cribs about how much you keep shopping online and every day there’s someone at the doorstep to deliver your parcel, you must try this horrifying prank on your boyfriend. If you have boxes saved from your last delivery then it’s going to help you out, if not just gather some 20+ empty boxes and pack them again just like a new parcel would look and secretly keep his eyes off and place those boxes in front of your house outside, that too super early in the morning. Now you just need to catch his reaction when he moves out of home or when he comes back from jogging.

10. Remote Control

Assuming that your boyfriend is a loveseat commando, use April 1 as an event to get him back for every one of the times he held onto control of the distance when you needed to watch something different on TV. Utilizing a pen, ink a dark dab on a piece of scotch tape, and spot it over the distance’s sensor. It won’t attempt to control the TV – and no, it actually won’t work after he changes the batteries three unique times.

11. Incorrect Autocorrect

Get your boyfriend’s telephone when he’s not looking and go into the settings. From that point, change the autocorrect include so it replaces a conventional word he regularly utilizes with something different. Leave no secret about the idea of the trick by supplanting a straightforward word like “the” with “April Fools'”!

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12. April Fools’ Prank: Phone Trap

This is one of the best pranks when it comes to April fools pranks over the phone. Out of the blue, just call your boyfriend and tell him that his parents called you and are discussing marriage. This will confuse him about how his parents know about the relationship and approach you directly without informing him. It will also obviously make him nervous if he hasn’t informed his parents about your relationship and what they might have called and told you regarding the same. You can simply go around and cook up stories on the phone and let him be trapped on the phone.

13. Investment Fault

This turns out best for the beau with shared funds. Let your boyfriend know you got into investments and stockbroking for a side hustle and lost a tremendous amount of lucrative a terrible bet. Or then again – let him know you won a colossal total on a hot tip!

April Fool Day Jokes

14. April Fool Pregnancy Prank for Boyfriend

This one is the oldest and the funniest April fools prank for boyfriend in the book. There are high chances that you have already seen a sonogram on Instagram or Facebook, for that matter. This April 1, scare the hell out of your boyfriend by padding a fake pregnancy prank on him. Just say it through text, but stay a little hesitant in the start, and you’ll be successful to make a complete fool out of him. 

April Fool Pregnancy Prank for Boyfriend

15. Tell Your Boyfriend You’re Outside His House To Surprise Him!

When he finally gets out or down, text him – ‘Just kidding!’

Or if you think that’s too brutal, hide around for a while, wait and see the reaction on his face before stepping out!

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16. April Fool Pranks on Boyfriend – Hey, Your Ex Called Me!

Tell Him His Ex Called You Up - April Fool Pranks Over Phone

Men are always wary about their present girlfriend meeting their ex. They just don’t want the complaints to get worse. Cook up a lie about how his ex called you and told you she wants to meet. Then witness his confused reaction. Though, do break it to him that it’s just an April fool prank over phone before he goes and texts his ex!


17. Text Your Boyfriend From A Different Number, Pretending To Be Your Mother

This can be one of the most entertaining april fools pranks on your boyfriend over text. Ask him what his future plans about her daughter are and keep asking uncomfortable questions. Trust us, curious mothers freak boyfriends out like no other! april fools’ pranks for boyfriend through text

18. Convince Him That Your Parents Are Coming To Visit

How does your boyfriend really feel about your mom and dad? This is the best way to know – convince your boyfriend that your parents are coming to stay with you guys… for a month. In fact, don’t let him about the april fool text prank over phone till the final moment.

19. Wake Him Suddenly In The Morning To Tell Him Your Parents Are Visiting

Wake Him Suddenly In The Morning - april fool ideas for boyfriend

We hope you have already imagined this situation in your head and have smiled and laughed already! Yes! This is going to be fun. Just wake him up and prank your boyfriend by telling him that your parents will be here soon. He would rush to get out of there or just be nervous for a few minutes. (the best part is that early in the morning he might even forget the date and won’t doubt you!)

20. Add Extra Salt In A Dish And Tell Him You’ve Cooked It Especially For Him

Plan april fools prank for your boyfriend by adding extra salt in a dish then bat your eyelashes and ask him if he likes it. If he says yes, give him some more!


21. Change Outfits Every 30 Minutes, and Act Like Nothing’s Different

This is the best one for all the fashionistas in the house. Change your outfits every 30 minutes, then serenely question him if he’s feeling alright when he seem to start noticing. Hey, make sure that your outfit changes are extreme enough to catch his eye.

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22. Set His Mobile Clock Twenty Minutes Forward…

Set His Mobile Clock Twenty Minutes Forward - best april fools pranks for boyfriend

Try this april fool prank on your boyfriend and put tons of alarms reminding him what day it is, while you are at it!

23. Tell Him You’ve Fixed A Tattoo Appointment For The Two Of You

Follow up with multiple couple tattoo pictures – the worst kinds! This is one of the most effective April fools’ pranks for your boyfriend as it will totally freak out your boyfriend.


24. Fool Your Boyfriend With A Text From His Bank – Prank

Change a friend’s number in his phone to his bank name. You probably already know a few digits to his credit or debit card. Send him a message from that friend’s phone saying ‘XXXX amount of money has been debited from your account on XX date at XX time.’

A text about unwanted activity on his card? He will be totally freaked out!

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25. April Fool Prank – Glitter Bomb!!

Send your boyfriend a glitter bomb envelope, tell him you’ve put in a sweet note inside… Only when he opens it, he will be bombarded with glitter. Make sure you put in tons of it so it doesn’t come off easily!


26. The Pre April Fools Prank Name Switch

The next one on the list is a little sneaky and only possible if you have access to his phone. All you need to do is change your name in his phone. This april fools prank for boyfriend will work better if he likes to hold on to text conversations for a long, so that they can go back after some time and finally realise that “Oh wait, that wasn’t her.”

27. Paint His Soap Bar With Clear Nail Polish

This one is easy yet fun. Just paint his soap bar with your favourite colour of nail polish. Yes, you guessed it right – it won’t sud up! Make sure that you have a replacement handy for the time when he finally calls you in to fix it.

28. Accuse Him Of Thinking You’re Fat!

Cry, be angry, tell him how mean he is for thinking you’re fat and when he says he would never think that, look back at him dramatically and say – LIES! Try this april fool prank for boyfriend this year.

29. Fake That You Are Cheating On Him

Fake That You Are Cheating On Him - april fool prank for boyfriend

Although we really admire the people who are loyal and encourage everyone to be loyal, faking that you are cheating on your partner can be fun to explore his reactions.


You will get to see how jealous, possessive or insecure your boyfriend can be in this situation. You can involve your friend in this and chat with him or her (by changing his name in your phone with a guy’s name). Then make sure you boyfriend reads your chat and let the drama begin! This could be one of the good april fool  prank to pull on your boyfriend over the phone.

30. Pretend That You Are Suddenly Forgetting Everything

Forget simple things like adding any ingredient to the food, what is the name of the company you work for, how long have you been together, turning off the shower/taps or any other creative and convincing thing suitable to you. This will seriously make him nervous and you will have to try hard to control your laughter throughout.

31. Change His Ringtone To Some Cheap Or Awkward Song

Change His Ringtone To Some Cheap Or Awkward Song - best april fools pranks for boyfriend

Change the basic or classy ringtone of your boyfriend to some hilarious song. Call him when he is sitting with his friends/elders/colleagues. He will certainly feel awkward and surprised while everyone else including you will be laughing out loud.

32. Tell Him That You Have Lost Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is very important because of the emotions attached to it and the money invested in it. If you pretend that you have lost it and create a dramatic scene of worrying, frowning and looking everywhere maybe he will start believing it too. Make him search in every nook and corner while you just relax when he is not around and then later reveal the prank.


We’re sure that these ways to prank your boyfriend will make your April Fools’ Day funny and special. Have fun!

27 Mar 2023

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