10 Times Manushi Chhillar Gave Us Travel Goals On Her Instagram

10 Times Manushi Chhillar Gave Us Travel Goals On Her Instagram

Unless you’ve begun hibernating for the winter, or have hidden yourself under a rock, you definitely know of the woman who has become a beloved icon all over the world, overnight! Manushi Chhillar, our very own Miss World 2017, is the beauty queen that every single Indian can’t seem to get enough of. And why wouldn’t that be, considering she’s been winning crowns, accolades, hearts and minds, and we don’t mean just with her words.

It all started with her winning answer at the Miss World 2017 pageant, held at Sanya, China over the last weekend. She had the audience--and might we add, the world, through their television screens--at the word ‘Mother’. Manushi has led quite an exemplary life; a medical student with a dream to become a surgeon; initiating social change for the women of India through her campaign for menstruation in the villages of the country. Instantly, Manushi has captured the hearts of millions and become a household name. The day’s not far when your own mother might just start comparing you to her; asking you to be more like her. Like that’s going to happen, Mom!

But, a little peek into Manushi’s Instagram account and we kid you not; you will want to be more like her; at least when it comes to her travel adventures. She has been travelling extensively for the duration of the Miss World pageant and we couldn’t help but look at the mad travel inspiration she’s been giving us lately. Take a look at all the times Manushi gave us absolute #TravelGoals on Instagram!

1. Feeling the good vibes and loving every minute of it!

2. Casually humming “tujh mein rab dikhta hai” as I see this picture. Bollywood, are you listening?

3. We’d definitely kill to have a skyline that majestic and a view that beautiful!


Hello Hong Kong! First stop as @missworld 2017! Enjoying pizza, music and Christmas with this wonderful view💕

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4. So picture-perfect, it might as well be a postcard!

5. Is it just me, or can you feel the breeze blow gently in the gorgeous picture?

6. Crystal blue waters and soft sand between our toes is now, officially, our Tuesday aesthetic!

7. Be right back, booking my tickets to China ASAP!


China never fails to leave us awestruck with its beauty and culture! #AdidasWomen @adidaswomen

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8. Rajasthan’s royalty has never failed to capture our souls!

9. Building happiness and living life’s journey, one step a time!


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10. You gotta have fun, no matter what you do!

Thank you for giving us such inspiration, Manushi! Wishing you many more happy travels as you take on the world with your crown!