These Are The 5 Safest Places To Travel In India As A Woman & Yes, Goa Made The Cut!

These Are The 5 Safest Places To Travel In India As A Woman & Yes, Goa Made The Cut!

So in other life-altering news, all your Goa dreams are about to come true. How, you ask? Well it turns out, Goa is the safest place for women in India. Makes for a great comeback when your parents ask you ‘why Goa?’ next time! And it’s not just our wishful thinking but an actual report by the Women and Child Development Ministry for Plan India. It’s called the Gender Vulnerability Index (GVI) which considers how difficult it is for a woman to survive in any state, taking in four parameters - health, education, protection and poverty - as reported by Times of India. So, get your bikinis and sunscreen out, chicas, because it’s Goa time!

1 goa safest place for women

The states are being ranked on a scale of 0-1. Goa had the highest GVI of 0.66. The next four states to make the top 5 in the list were - Kerala (0.63), Mizoram (0.63), Sikkim (0.61) and Manipur (0.61) respectively.

So in case you feel Goa is so passé as a holiday destination, these are other states you can visit as well. Basically, South India and North East India are waiting with open arms for you to pack your bags - whether it is a trip with the girls or you wish to fly solo.

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2 goa safest place for women

The report has been prepared to throw light on the issues women are facing all across the country so the Government can curate policies according to the different needs instead of a general assumption all across the country. In sad news, however, Delhi and Bihar are the 29th and 30th state respectively. We’re hoping the Government and its policies will help them up their game soon. Until then, it’s vacation time!

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