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Your ‘School Wala Sweater’ Is Back & It’s A Raging Winter Trend You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

Your ‘School Wala Sweater’ Is Back & It’s A Raging Winter Trend You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

Yes, you read that right. There’s no forgetting the half-sleeved sweater, a part of almost all school uniforms and also a go-to casual outerwear for the transitional weather. But guess what, the sweater vest, or knitted vest as you may choose to call it, is no longer the same old version that you remember from your distant childhood. It’s back—a raging trend no less—and here in an array of updated styles. You know what that means, don’t you? The more, the merrier!

Knitted Vest, The Trend To Know This Season

Here’s taking a peek at what the trend has in store for us, before looking at the tricks to style it and places to shop from. Read on. 

The Details

knitted vest prada


From Lacoste and Gucci to Prada, the international runways have long vouched for the knitted vest, a standout geometric pattern making an appearance on the latter’s catwalk this year. Not only the presentations, but the fashion item has also been leaving an impact on street style enthusiasts, influencers making a beeline for the trend that is going to be all over your feeds soon.

Emulating the look in the currently humid climes in India is hardly practical but come winter, you can easily work the outerwear into your wardrobe. Be it a cosy WFH look or socially-distanced hang, this is one trend from Fall/Winter that you can opt for without dipping into your savings. To make things seamless, we browsed the internet for economical options and frankly, these could be worn at length! See options below along with the hacks to style them.

Texture Play

knitted vest -a fall/winter 2020 trend


In an otherwise subtle, light colour, textures emerge beautifully. Think cables, bobble knit patterns and more. Opt for a similar version that puts texture to the forefront, adding a light shade of the knitted vest to your wardrobe. 

Plain Layers

sweater vest


What are winter woollies if not layered atop one another! Add the sweater vest on top of your shirts, further layering with a bomber jacket or a coat if need be. In case you were wondering, all colours work, as does a power-packed lipstick to go along with it.

Classic Patterns

knitted vest -a fall/winter 2020 trend


The tried-and-tested patterns such as argyle and checks always have an upper hand and the knitted vests are proof of it. You can go the distinctive route with a cropped version in a classic pattern, one that can be paired with a high-neck for a fail-safe winter uniform.

Vibrant Chic

sweater vest trend


Love colour? Let your choice of knitted vest speak volumes about it! Complete with structure and details, the Fall/Winter trend is bound to make an impression. 

Can’t wait for winter? Us too!

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