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Over 6 Crore! Google’s Salary Sheet Gets Leaked & We Are Shook

Over 6 Crore! Google’s Salary Sheet Gets Leaked & We Are Shook

When it comes to most sought after companies to work, Google always takes the cake, especially when it comes techies. It is not just a great place to grow as a professional, it is also an inspirational lifestyle. The biggest draw for tech giant is their jaw-dropping salaries. For the longest time, I wanted to dive deep into the monetary side of Google and finally I have the answers.

While Google has been tight-lipped about their salaries, recently their salary structure got leaked online. An internal spreadsheet shared amongst Google employees revealed who makes how much. The spreadsheet includes information from over 12,000 US workers.


Google pays it’s software engineers better than any other brand. The software engineers earned a maximum base salary of $718,000 (Rs 5 crore 94 lakh) in 2022. If you throw in benefits like equity and bonus, a software engineer earns over $1,000,000 (Rs 8 crore) I am almost regretting not going for the engineering route!

Apart from engineers, sales team in Google also earns a great deal. Their salary bracket ranges from $50,000 (Rs 41 lakhs) to $302,000 (Rs 2 crore 50 lakh). That’s not all, a Legal Cooperate Counsel can make over Rs 2 crore in Google. Scroll down to see who makes how much at Google:

  1. Software Engineer ₹6 crore
  2. Engineering Manager ₹3.28 crore
  3. Enterprise Direct Sales ₹3.09 crore
  4. Legal Corporate Counsel ₹2.62 crore
  5. Sales Strategy ₹2.62 crore
  6. UX Designer ₹2.58 crore
  7. Government Affairs and Public Policy ₹2.56 crore
  8. Research Scientist ₹2.53 crore
  9. Cloud Sales ₹2.47 crore
  10. Program Manager ₹2.46 crore)

These numbers are giving me all the motivation to look for any opportunity that comes up in Google. Time to learn coding!

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08 Aug 2023

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