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Wait, Really? Balenciaga Has A 'Kambal' Bag Priced Over 2 Lakh & Twitter Is Wondering Why

Wait, Really? Balenciaga Has A 'Kambal' Bag Priced Over 2 Lakh & Twitter Is Wondering Why

If anyone has mastered the art of using memes to their advantage on the internet, its Balenciaga. The fashion house based out of Paris is synonymous with the format, their Instagram a trove of hilarious takes that a luxury business would usually shy away from. But for Balenciaga, the strategy seems to be working better than carefully curated images that look straight out of a picture book. The result? More than 11 million followers on the platform.

Balenciaga's 'Blanket' Bag

Taking it a step ahead in order to perhaps gently troll their customers, the luxury house's SS17 collection had a product, yes, a product that was nothing short of a meme. Continue reading to see what it was all about. 

Are We Sure It's A Bag?

In 2017, Balenciaga debuted a handbag that most of us are familiar with as a staple household item. The brand's then-new tote, massive and featuring florals was exactly what our furry blankets at home look like, the ones that come complete with a see-through bag. And the fact that it was listed as 'Blanket Square XL' was a touch of irony that wasn't lost on us. Did Demna Gvasalia, the creative director of the fashion house troll us with his witty take on the household staple? We are rooting for a big fat 'yes' here. 

Before you begin to wonder, the bag was just that—a bag. And it definitely didn't come with a blanket inside! Obviously, as prices go, the brand retailed it at—hold your breath because this is staggering—$3670 which is a little over INR 2,684,00. And while the price has fluctuated over the years and across platforms, it still remains well over INR 2 lakh.

*takes deep breaths*

Let The Twitter Memes Unroll

Now if that crazy/bewildering/eye-rolling detail isn't enough for Twitteratti to wonder out loud, we wouldn't know what is. Even three years later, the reactions are just as apt. Scroll down to see some of them below. 

That pretty much sums it up for us. Not the first time that a brand's skyrocketing prices have had a collective thought. A few days back, Louis Vuitton's face shield launched amid the pandemic and it was said to be priced at approximately INR 70,000 and the reactions about it weren't too kind. Most thought the luxury house was capitalising on a health crisis. Never a dull day on Twitter, is it!

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