BRB, Trying These 7 Emerging Street Style Trends From Copenhagen Fashion Week 2020

BRB, Trying These 7 Emerging Street Style Trends From Copenhagen Fashion Week 2020

While all physical fashion shows have been put on hold for the foreseeable future, courtesy of the COVID-19 crisis, Copenhagen has become the first chapter to proceed, having seen ease in lockdown restrictions. Recently, the Danish capital hosted the Copenhagen Fashion Week and, as each time, the street style stars and attendees put on their best show. Thanks to Instagram, we can watch them as they strut wearing what look like trends of the future, that too pass-free! Care to see for yourselves?

Style From The Streets Of Copenhagen

Read on to take a look at all the emerging style notes we gathered from the streets of Copenhagen Fashion Week, and how you could use them to update your wardrobe.

Dad Sandals


Dad sandals have been doing the rounds on the internet for a long time, more so courtesy Chanel's pastel version and the many, many variations of Birkenstocks. Copenhagen Fashion Week too saw its share of the ugly footwear trend as it has often been dubbed. The summary? A bit of smart thinking can help you pull it off in style and, of course, there is no denying that these are made for comfort!

POPxo recommends: If you are planning to delve into the footwear trend, make sure to pair your dad sandals with loose, cuffed jeans—a foolproof way to make the tricky trend work.

Trackpants + Sweatshirts


Tracks and sweatshirt are no longer restricted to simply lounging around at home. As seen at the Copenhagen Fashion week street style circles, you can wear them outside in the chicest way possible.

POPxo recommends: Go monochrome or mix and match your uber-casual OOTD to balance your outfit, bringing out the boots, towering heels, and lace-up sandals to go along.

Bermuda Shorts


If you think Bermuda shorts are a separate limited to '90s fashion, think again. The streets of the Danish capital are testimony to the rise of the style, one you too could wear this summer. After all, shorts are the new trousers, aren't they!

POPxo recommends: Team your baggy Bermuda shorts with an oversized slogan tee, a perfectly comfortable outfit to uplift your WFH look and make a grocery run stylishly.

'New' Neutrals


The memo on the new neutrals is out, and it comes with a plot twist. Including the best of both worlds, read best of colour palettes, CFW saw street stylers don two-tone outfits and, boy, we are impressed!

POPxo recommends: Keep the attention on your outfit, eliminating bright colours and adding gold-toned jewellery that will bring out the best of it.

Exuberant Prints


Hey hey, did you really think we had forgotten the maximalists? The fashion week had its fair share of flamboyant prints, not for the faint-hearted but definitely a win-win for those who like their motifs bright and fun!

POPxo recommends: Ditch the head-to-toe print look if you wish to enjoy the style at your own pace and without going OTT. Match your other co-ord with one of the hues in the print or go for a solid neutral pick.

Oversized Collars


Who doesn't love a good old fashioned, vintage collar? If the street style at Copenhagen Fashion Week is anything to go by, we will be seeing a lot more of this trend in the days to come. No complaints, though!

POPxo recommends: Pick a detachable oversized collar for yourself, teaming it with your classic check and polka dot shirts and dresses, a cool way to upgrade and re-wear your existing attires.

Bold (Back) Camis


There's no denying that the cami tops are getting bolder and better, and y'all will agree! With iterations that focus on the back, or shall we say backless, details, these are the cool hot new fashion items on our radar for sure. 

POPxo recommends: Team them with jeans, skirts for a going-out look or layer over a dress should you wish to play it safe. 

Go on, pick your favourite (if you can)!

Featured Image: Instagram