Not Just Doggy Style! 5 Sex Positions You Must Try If You Are Into Anal Sex

ShivaniShivani  |  Jan 4, 2022
Not Just Doggy Style! 5 Sex Positions You Must Try If You Are Into Anal Sex


When it comes to sex, it is always exciting to explore something new with your bae. One of the most intimate and thrilling things you can try out is anal sex. In the last couple of years, the subject of anal sex is becoming less of a taboo (thankfully) and there are many couples who are into this non-traditional style of penetration.

Are you also curious about anal but don’t know where to start? Before you try it, discuss it with your partner so you are prepared to go all-in, mentally and physically. If you want to know about the positions that work best when it comes to anal sex, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of 5 must-try sex positions that will make this experience extra fun for you and your partner.

Lap Dance

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Looking for super deep anal penetration plus comfort? We have three words for you— lap dance position. This position gives the receiver total control over how deep they wanna go and the pace. All you need to do is use your hands to support yourself and slowly slip into your partner’s penis. Let your partner pull you close for better grip and penetration.

Pro tip: You can simultaneously play with your clitoris for added stimulation.

Lying Doggy

Another position that is perfect for people who are just exploring the thrilling world of anal sex. It is a well-established fact that most of the nerves in the anus are in the first two inches of the opening, so why not focus entirely on pleasure? Lie on your stomach, and have your partner lie directly on top of you. Then allow them to enter from behind slowly.

Pro tip: Have your partner balance on their elbows for comfort.

The Inversion

NGL, this position is for more seasoned players! Lie on your back, swing your legs over your partner’s shoulders and have them enter you at an upward angle.

Pro tip: Ask your partner to focus on nipple stimulation to add spice to the position.

Doggy Style

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Now, this is as traditional as it can get when it comes to anal sex. This position is one of the most popular ones and there are many reasons for its fame — it is easy to attempt, provides deep penetration and both the partners have control. To get into the position, you simply need to get down on your hands and knees while keeping your legs close together. Let your partner position themselves behind your anal opening and enter.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to thrust back in this position to get deep penetration.

See Saw Position

TBH, there is nothing more intimate than looking into each other’s eyes while making love. This is one thing couples miss out on during anal sex, but fret not as we have the perfect position to remedy this issue— the see-saw position. For this, your partner must sit down on the bed using their hands behind him to keep themselves sort of upright. You can sit on their lap while facing them and hold them.

Pro tip: You can also ask your partner to lie down instead of sitting up.

How many of these positions are you planning to try out?

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