11 Hilarious April Fool Pranks to Play with Your for Friends

Akanksha BhatiaAkanksha Bhatia  |  Mar 27, 2018
April fool pranks


Over the years, April 1st has evolved into an iconic day when we go out of the way to prank each other. Be it pulling an April fools day prank on friend or bestie, doing so is always fun. Personally, I’m not someone who believes in harmful pranks and don’t appreciate people who hurt each other in the name of a joke. But, I do love a good laugh! So, while sending curating Easter messages for my friends, I’ve made a list of harmless yet hilarious pranks to play on bestie to enjoy to the fullest!

1. The Classic Alarm Clock Prank

april fool pranks

Want them to start the day bright and early and alert? Set off 10-15 alarm clocks at the same time in their room. Or, just set random alarms through the day with crazy ringtones. They’ll never see it coming!

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2. Mess Up Their AutoCorrect

april fool's day prank ideas

Steal your bestie’s phone and replace a word that is used regularly with something hilarious (for you). For example, you can change LOL to I hate you and watch their world fall apart this April Fool’s Day.

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3. Put Toothpaste In Their Oreo

april fools' tricks for friends

It’s a classic, trust me! It sounds like a bit of a task, but is definitely worth it in the end. Replace the cream in a box of Oreo with toothpaste and watch the distaste come to life.

4. Googley Eyes

april fools pranks for your bff

This prank is actually too cute to honestly annoy someone but is a prank nonetheless. You could try this on your mom as well, and watch her go Awwww.

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5. Water Upside Down

April Fool Ideas for Friends

The evilest of the plans on this list and the messiest too! Just put a tray on top of the glasses and flip it upside down. A few glasses of water on the floor would drive anybody insane.

6. A Chocolatey Surprise

april fool pranks for bff

If your bestie loves food, then this is the right choice! But be prepared to face the wrath that follows because mixing together chocolates and sour candies is an outright sin.

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7. Balloons Are Fun

April Fool Ideas for Friends

Put their little office supplies or cute stationery into balloons and ask your best friend to find them. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch them struggle and bust balloons all around the room?

8. Menthol Ice Cubes

april fool day pranks

Call your friend over and offer them some soda with ice. But freeze mentos or menthol mints with the ice cubes and laugh out loud as their soda explodes.

9. Legit Easter Eggs

april fool ideas

With Easter just across the corner, this prank is super easy to pull off. Gift your BFF a basket of Easter eggs, but do not fill the basket with chocolate eggs. Instead, add real chicken eggs with a chocolate coating. *insert evil laugh*

10. Magic Powder Everywhere

april fools day prank ideas

If your friend is the kind that can’t step out of the house with wet hair, then this is the easiest way to get them. Add a handful of talcum powder into their hairdryer and viola! Chaos ensues.

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11. KRK Overload

April Fool Ideas for Friends

Anything related to KRK is pretty funny. So, you could paste his picture across their room or gift them a framed picture of him. You could also write ‘Rs 2 Person’ on their wrist with permanent marker, the choice is yours.

Now that you have all the ammo, get pranking, ladies!

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