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Cute Pranks To Play On Your Boyfriend

#MazzeMazzeMein: 28 Cute Pranks To Play On Your Boyfriend

They say that the couple that plays together, stays together. While it’s adorable to have some cutesy moments, being gushy mushy isn’t all that couples can do together. We absolutely love a pair who can laugh at themselves and each other, and it just brings them even closer. Sharing a good laugh and doing good prank on your boyfriend is a fun way of showing him a different side to your personality, especially if he thinks you’re a sweet and nice girl. Cause if you both can giggle it out together, you can do almost everything together.

Silly Prank Ideas For Boyfriend
Food Pranks To Play
April Fools’ Pranks To Play
Pranks To Play Over Text

Pranks To Play On Your Boyfriend In Person

There’s just something hilarious about playing pranks on boyfriend in person, you get to see the magic unfold right in front of your eyes. You can see his expression of utter confusion, and best of all, after all of it is over, you guys can break into fits of laughter together. So for all you ladies looking to pull a prank on boyfriend in the good old-fashioned manner, we’ve got some silly but hilarious ones for you.

Silly Pranks To Play On Your Boyfriend

Sew It Up!

pranks to play on your boyfriend

Just sew up the fly on a clean pair of your boyfriend’s boxers, and make sure that he drinks plenty of water the morning he wears it. Now, isn’t just the thought of him struggling to find the hole to pull out his tool in the men’s washroom just SO amusing?! We can just imagine the look of utter confusion on his face but don’t do it on his favourite pair, we don’t want him to actually get angry now, do we?

Show Me Your Balancing Skills Baby!

This is a superb way to prank your crush! When you guys visit a bar, challenge him by saying that he absolutely can’t balance a mug of beer at the back of each hand while they’re placed on the table. What happens next? He will attempt to prove you wrong by doing the exact same thing! And what do you do? Just walk away, leaving him like that! The only question that arises is- would he waste two beers or bend and uncomfortably sip them down? Our bets are on the latter.

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Now That’s Some Phoney Business

pranks to do on your boyfriend

When he isn’t around, just sneakily change your name on your boyfriend’s mobile phone to one of his best friends. Then ring him every few seconds and hang up. The person’s name would flash on his screen every few seconds, annoying him. Finally, ring him again and let it ring for long enough for him to take the call and give his bestie a piece of his mind… Only to find out that it’s you on the other line!

Screenshot Humour Prank To Do on Your BF Over Phone

Give your boyfriend a hilariously hard time by taking a screenshot of his phone’s home screen, then set that image as the mobile background. Just swap around the apps on his phone, leaving gaps in some places, so that when he tries to use then – he’s selecting a blank screen! This one is a really genius plan!

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Fake It Till You Actually Dent It

girlfriend pranks boyfriendThis one is simple. Just borrow your boyfriend’s car for a quick chore and then park it outside his place and head home. Before leaving, leave a small note on the car saying ‘Sorry about the dent, honey.’ Trust me, he’ll go crazy inspecting his car and trying to find the dent!

P.S. Just make sure there isn’t an actual dent or else you may get blamed for it!

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For The Love Of Gadgets

Here are some facts: The Earth is round, dinosaurs are extinct, and men love their gadgets. So what you have to do is find a cheap replica of his phone, smash its screen completely, and replace it with his actual phone (which you should carefully hide in a safe place). And…That’s it! What next? Just wait for him to see his smashed Phone and save your laughter for his million-dollar reaction! If you want to go all out with your joke, try to replicate his screensaver on the cracked phone, this will make it really authentic.

Hole-y Smoke!

The next time you guys go on a beach holiday, this is a prank you definitely must try. On a sunny day, when you both are sunbathing and lying on towels over the sand by… Just wait for your boyfriend to leave you alone for a few minutes. Use that time to dig a hole of sand under his towel, place it back onto the hole and wait for him to come back and fall into it. Now wouldn’t that be so funny? For you, obviously. He might not enjoy it as much… 

Girlfriend Prank Boyfriend With The Bathing Drama

To pull this bathing prank on your boyfriend you can cover up all his toiletries with the plastic wrap so that he can’t open it all while bathing. Make sure that the edges of the plastic wrap are completely covered by the lids of the bottles. Well, don’t forget that body wash, shampoo, and conditioner specifically.

(Note- This is a really annoying prank that can make him be in a terrible mood all day long. So do it on your own risk!)

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The Serious Discussion Prank To Do On Boyfriend

Tell your boyfriend that you need to talk about something really important and serious, which you certainly cannot do without his advice as it is a tough decision. Sit silently for a while and when he agrees to help you out, ask him something minor like which colour dress should you wear or even your lipstick shade.

50 First Dates Inspired Prank

There’s no way to finish off this list without mentioning a movie based prank. Just like the movie, change the dates and times as if you’re reliving the day before. Go to the same places with your guy that you visited the last day, give him the newspaper of the previous date and repeat the cuisines to make reference to the events that happened yesterday. Doing all of it will confuse him and make him check for the actual date, but you need to make sure to not to break the character to let the prank going.

Food Pranks To Play On Boyfriend

Is he a real foodie? If yes, then these are some amazing pranks for a boyfriend who can eat anything, anytime and anywhere. So, get ready to pull some super fun food pranks on him.

You Love Him Soy Much!

Who wouldn’t love a glass of chilled coke after work? Be the girl to pamper your guy…but only instead of regular coke, fill the glass with 7-Up, then add as much soy sauce as necessary to make the colour of the drink match that of Coke. Voila, the ‘perfect’ drink to serve to your guy to wake him up after a long, tiring day!

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Make Him Go Do-nuts

funny boyfriend pranks

Buy a few plain doughnuts from the store or if you’re really ready to go all the way, bake some yourself. Tease your boo with the smell of sugary goodness throughout the day and let him be begging have a taste. Sound delicious? Not so soon. For the filling, use mayonnaise instead of cream cheese and just let him take that first bite.

Shake It Up!

We all surely love fizzy drinks, but the worst part is that as soon as we pop open a can the fizz spreads all over the place. But it can surely be fun to pull one such prank on your boyfriend. So, shake up all the soda or fizzy drink bottles and let science do it’s work wisely 😉

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These Oreos Are In Mint Condition

This one’s a classic and never fails to work. Scrape off the filling from the Oreos and keep the biscuits aside. Then, take some white toothpaste and use a butter knife to spread it evenly over the Oreos. Offer him some of them with tea like the helpful, adorable girlfriend you are and his expression will be priceless when he tastes that minty, peppermint flavour instead of classic Oreos!

Butter Or Deodorant

If your guy likes to swear the deodorant after every while, then this prank is just perfect for him. You just need to extract the scented liquid from the bottle and add melted butter in it. Make sure the consistency of the batter is runny. Now, just wait for him to smell like butter and feel greasy!

Mash ‘Em Up Sundae (Wait What?!)

good pranks to play on boyfriend

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ ice cream sundae? Well, we don’t like this one for sure! Make some mashed potatoes and even out the consistency so that no lumps are visible, use an ice cream scooper to take two large servings and put them into a serving jar. Add nuts, chocolate syrup, sprinkles and even add that cherry on top (literally) and you’re good! Let your boyfriend look at you with googly eyes as you bring the sundae to him, only for him to take a bite and realize what an evil genius you are!

April Fools’ Pranks To Do On Boyfriend

Preparing in advance for the 1st of April is always a good idea, especially if you’re the one who likes to pull off some hilarious pranks on your boyfriend. Buy everything you need, set up the stage and you’re in for a hysterical time. SO, here are all the April fool pranks for boyfriend that you need to try on your guy.

Horn Ok Please
romantic pranks for bf

Sneak into your boyfriend’s house and use the chair in his study for this one. Set up an air horn at the bottom of the chair stem and tape it to the chair. So as soon as he sits down on his chair to work, the horn will blow, leaving him startled beyond belief. Let’s hope he doesn’t get too scared and falls off his chair!

Leave Him Alarmed

This one is the perfect example of how to prank a boy on your boo if he snores away at any chance he gets. The night before April Fools’ day, set up 10-15 alarm clocks in the room and set the alarms for 15 minutes apart from each other. He’ll be sleeping soundly through the night but keep waking up to the annoying beeps every 15 minutes wondering where the sound is coming from. Be ready to get some fuming midnight calls if he knows it’s you.

Pennywise Spook Alert!!

To bring that spooky vibes from last night horror movies insights, get red balloons and tie them to each place he visits. We all know how terrifying Pennywise, the clown really is and these red balloons will work as the perfect symbol. Also, if he recites you the incident then claim that you’ve been seeing them, too.

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Fight Fire With… Water!

This one can turn quickly into world war three situation, especially if your boyfriend hates cold water. Take a rubber band and tie it tightly around the sink’s spray nozzle in the kitchen or bathroom. Leave it aimed exactly where you think his face will be when he comes close to inspect it. Call him over to your place and tell him you aren’t able to use the nozzle. He’ll come to help you and that’s when the waterworks start. But be prepared for a full-blown water fight after that, because he will surely want revenge!

Talkie Into That Walkie

how to prank a boy

Hide walkie talkies all throughout his house: in his cupboard, in his kitchen, in his bathroom drawer and keep meowing from yours into them. He’ll constantly feel like a cat is following him and won’t be able to figure where the sounds are coming from. You can later use the walkie-talkies to communicate with each other from different rooms. See- it’s basically an investment, over and out!

What’s So Terrifying, Boo!?

Convince your partner to have a movie night with you and choose a horror flick. Then, print out multiple posters of the ghost and stick them in random places around the house. Leave one lying between his shirt pile in his cupboard, leave one in the jar of coffee he has before going to work, leave one hidden in his car. Take his phone and change your caller image to the ghost. By the time he’ll figure out it’s you, he won’t be able to escape the madness. And if he’s terrified of horror movies, then it’ll just freak him out even more.

Auto-Correct What?

If you know your boyfriend’s phone password, this will be an easy one. Go and change a basic word like ‘hey’ or ‘no’ or ‘but’ or ‘and’ to something crazy like gulab jamun. You can even interchange ‘yes’ with a ‘no’. This will be hilarious because every time he’ll type ‘hey’ it’ll turn into gulab jamun. If he has an iPhone, go to settings, then general, and then keyboard. It’ll ask you to add a phrase and a short cut. You can add any of these or go for something more creative. It’ll baffle him for sure!

Pranks To Pull On Your Boyfriend Over Text

To spice up your LDR or to make him miss you happily, these fun pranks to play on your boyfriend over text will be total fun.

In For Some Messy Texting?

Simply drop him a text saying ‘Babe, I haven’t been completely honest with you’ and stop responding for a few minutes right after he reads the message. All kinds of crazy thoughts will go through his head… A while later, reply by saying, ‘I hadn’t brushed my teeth when we kissed last evening, even though I told you that I had.’ Whoops!

Typing, Typing, And More Typing

pranks to do on bf at home

When you’re talking on iMessage, text him saying, ‘Listen, I need to talk to you about something important’, and then send him a gif of the typing icon, which will seem like you’ve been typing a long text for a while. He’ll be waiting for you to finish your sentence, and all the while he’ll be at the edge of his seat going over everything he’s ever said or done to you.

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A Classic Mommy-Daughter Switch up

Text him from a different number and tell him it’s your mother. Write a formal text about how you found out what the two of you have been up to, and that she’s heard about all the sneakiness you’ve been pulling off. Ask him what his intentions are with you, and then leave it at that. Trust us, nothing freaks a guy out more than having to deal with his girlfriend’s angry mother, and that by himself!

Blast From The Past

Send him a very formal text saying ‘Babe your ex just called me and told me to come over. She wants to tell me about something you did to her.’ He’ll get super freaked out because who wouldn’t if one’s current significant other was to meet with their ex? Just don’t pull the prank off for too long, because he might just call his ex and turn the tables completely on you! And that’s a situation you really don’t want to be in, do you?

Final Yet Frightening

“Boo, I’m pregnant!” If this isn’t frightening then what is?

Sit on the couch, relax yourself to control the laugh and text your guy that you missed your periods, follow up the conversation with long typing sessions to make him eager and then say, you’re pregnant. Let the drama continue for a while and after some time reveal the truth saying SURPRISE! It’s Prank!

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Ready, set, go with these prank ideas for boyfriend

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