#POPxoLucky2020: Your Stars Have Aligned ‘Coz Our Brand New Zodiac Collection Is Here!

Sayunkta JainSayunkta Jain  |  Dec 11, 2019
#POPxoLucky2020: Your Stars Have Aligned ‘Coz Our Brand New Zodiac Collection Is Here!


With 2020 almost at your doorstep, don’t you want to know what the stars have in store for you? While you wait for the daily horoscope notification from the POPxo app for that, how about you check out what we have planned for you?

We are super excited to announce that POPxo has launched a brand new Zodiac Collection! Very stylishly, we have translated your love for everything Zodiac-related into 12 mystical designs, one for each sign, on phone covers, notebooks and magic mugs. Made with love, these products will define ‘you’ while adding a little magic to your day, all at a starting price of Rs 279! So, get ready to be starstruck ‘coz our Zodiac Collection is now available for pre-order on POPxo!

Presenting… The POPxo Zodiac Collection

After today, your Zodiac sign won’t just be a constellation in the sky. It’ll also be something you can own, something you can carry in your pocket or note down all your thoughts in. Pick your faves from our collection of phone covers, magic mugs and notebooks or get a set for your horoscope-loving friends. The combos are available at a discounted price of Rs 848 with an additional 20% off. 

Check them out below:

Aries – Shooting For The Stars

As an Arien, the word ‘can’t’ does not exist in your dictionary. You are action-oriented, driven and competitive. Nothing stands between you and what you want. So, while you’re shooting for the stars, keep the fire inside you alive with our Aries combo.

Taurus – Always In The Right

You are allergic to bullshit, and you hate it when things don’t go your way. A true Taurian, your ambitious and go-getter nature sets you apart, besides your wit. So, the next time you’re channelling that ‘always in the right’ quality of yours, keep our Taurus combo close.

Gemini – Best Of Both Worlds

In two minds, but one-of-a-kind, Geminis are the stars in every story. After all, the party don’t start till you walk in! You’re adaptable and loyal, and that’s how you make the best of both worlds. So, take our Gemini combo along for your next adventure, won’t you?

Cancer – In Love With Love

Cancerians may be emotional, but don’t take them for emotional fools. You forgive but don’t forget and do things with all your heart ‘coz there’s no other way. Ready to be in love with love and our Cancer combo?

Leo – Born To lead

Love you or hate you, but no one can ignore you. There’s a reason why it’s easy to make friends with Leos. Your social and energetic nature, teamed with a fierce, confident and determined personality, is so attractive! Kinda like a superpower. You’re born to lead, so do it in style with our Leo combo.

Virgo – Perfect Starts Here

They say no one is perfect… until they meet a Virgo. You are smart, practical, responsible and value me-time just as much as socialising (or organising, oh yes!). That’s what makes you the perfectionists of the group. Get your hands on our Virgo combo because perfect starts here.

Libra – Master Of Balance

Where others see a complication, a Libran sees a solution. In fact, your overthinking does more good than harm. For starters, it makes you great problem-solvers and sympathisers. People come to you for advice because you’re just. According to us, you’re a master of balance. Pre-order our Libra combo already!

Scorpio – Full Of Sass

You may be a little intense (and kinda nosy), but your loyalty and secret-keeping skills make up for it. Also, you make your own rules. Tell you not to do something and you’ll definitely do it, am I right? That’s just another ‘full of sass’ reason to pre-order our Scorpio combo. Spread the sass in style.

Sagittarius – Pocketful Of Joy

The sign Sagittarius should be renamed to #SunshineSquad ‘coz that’s just how you are – full of light and love. Who needs a cheerleader when they have you for a friend? You’re a dreamer, believer and uncommonly kind. Add our Sagittarius combo to your pocketful of joy, won’t you?

Capricorn – No Stopping Me

You know who decides your destiny? YOU! Capricorns are goal-diggers, and not just hard-working people but smart-working too! If there’s one thing that keeps you going, it’s ambition. Take on the world with our Capricorn combo because, let’s face it, there’s no stopping you!

Aquarius – Boss In The House

Aquarians are the boss in the house, whoever’s house that might be. A free-spirited soul like yours can’t function in a cage. That’s why you like to do things your way. And, tbh, your way is pretty awesome. Just like our Aquarius combo.

Pisces – All About The Feels

Pisceans are the most creative and imaginative of all the signs. And why won’t they be, with all the daydreaming they do about love and unicorns. A true Piscean is 90% hopeless romantic and 10% every other feeling known to mankind. If you’re all about the feels, our Pisces combo is The One for you.

As we reflect on what a fantastic year 2019 was, here’s looking at a lucky 2020 with our campaign #POPxoLucky2020. For the next 20 days, POPxo is all set to celebrate the season-to-be-jolly with love and whole lotta luck. All you have to do to participate is follow POPxo Daily on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the POPxo app. Ready for 2020?