Sex And The Stars: Are You And Bae Astrologically Compatible Under The Sheets?

Sex And The Stars: Are You And Bae Astrologically Compatible Under The Sheets?

We’re pretty sure that ‘what’s your sun sign’ isn’t the first question that you ask your partner before getting into bed with them. If you’re a believer of horoscopes, knowing the connection between your stars and sexual energy can actually be extremely helpful, especially to understand your own patterns. Turns out that the stars actually know and can tell you a whole lot about your love interests, and comment on the sexual tension between two people--because we all know how important that is in a relationship! Believe it or not, that are certain sexual traits that define every sun sign and those can be either a turn on or turn off for your partner. 

This is not to say that you cannot have sex with a person who’s sun sign isn’t compatible to yours, but that you may have mind-blowing, toe-curling sex with another. No matter which sign you choose to be intimate with, it doesn’t hurt to get an insight into their likes and dislikes so that you’re both on the same page. 

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    What Is Your Sex Style Based On Your Sun Sign?

    From kinky sex toys and sex in public places to good ol’ missionary, here is what your sun sign says about your sexual style.



    Aries women have a powerful and magnetic personality and love to take control. No other sign of the zodiac can provide such fiery bursts of passion. This is entirely dependent on their mood, though. While they do love unpredictability and are happy to bring spontaneity to the bedroom, their lover may never quite knows what will happen cause no two nights will be the same - this is obviously very exciting. *wink wink*


    Taurean women are among the more gentle lovers in the zodiac and have a tender touch. Their lover can expect sensuous and intimate nights ahead of them as they will make sure that the experience is more than physical. Getting the vibe right and focussing on their partner’s mood is a turn on for them and a romantic encounter is sure to follow. Their lover should be in no rush to escape the sheets because a Tarurean will expect for them to be there all night long.


    Gemini women enjoy the act of seducing and talking about what they’ll do in the bedroom just as much as they enjoy the act itself. They are full of curiosity and mischief and are basically the tricksters of the zodiac. They’re constantly ready to take on different roles and try out steamy games and fun positions. This air sign keeps sex light and breezy as they don’t want things to get too serious. Lots of foreplay and teasing and purposely delaying intercourse is what their ideal scenario looks likes.


    Love and sex often go together for the Cancerian. They’re nurturing and intuitive and are ruled by their emotions. They’re also the empaths of the zodiac because they’re ruled by the changeable moon. It’s a lot about emotional intimacy and serious committed relationships rather than casual flings. When they feel comfortable with their partner, they let out their sensual and deeply erotic side to woo over their lover.


    Leos, true to their lioness selves, are constantly burning with a fiery passion. They are sexually confident and powerful and enjoy taking charge in bed. There is a need to explore sexual pleasures with dramatic and large-scale flair. They enjoy showering their mate with constant attention and little surprises thrown their way, reminding them that their attention and powers of seduction are reserved only for them. Rawr!



    While they may have one of the most cool and calm personalities of the zodiac, they turn into red, burning fire when it comes to the bedroom. They are have extreme sensual appeal that can unravel right at the moment any prospective mate sets eyes on them - this is because Virgos like to seduce with their eyes. Their seductive personality is also matched by their adoring one as Virgos tend to enjoy the sensuous side of things as well. They are methodical and analytical and also enjoy perfection- this translates in bed too so be ready to have those legs quivering orgams.


    Librans like sex to be an adventure. The feeling of getting caught or doing it somewhere new excites them more than they might realise. This is because the sign is also big on the romance of things, so it may even take them by surprise how much they enjoy engaging in fantasy play. This winning combination means that their lover will never be unsatisfied - so long as they are willing to fulfil your fantasies as well. They’re blessed with the art of seduction, they’re the lovers of the zodiac so falling in love with a Libran isn’t the problem, it’s getting them to fall in love with you that’ll be a task.


    Scorpions can count themselves amongst the best seductresses of the zodiac. While their raw, magnetic, irresistible personality is usually enough to turn people on, they also tend to go out of their way to be fantastic lovers. Their partners can expect a lot of dirty talk and foreplay before the bedroom even comes in to play, as this water sign enjoys the build-up as much as the act. And when they’re in bed, it’s a no-holds-barred celebration of passion. Just a tip: bring out the sex toys, whips and open your mind to all sorts of kinky fantasies because this sign is going to blow your mind.


    They’re very creative as lovers because they don’t like the thought of doing the same thing over and over again. Exceptionally young-at-heart, they’re always open to trying new things and pushing boundaries, so experimenting is their go-to bedroom style. They’re also very easy going and laid back when it comes to their seduction style and enjoy the intensity of subtle gestures.



    The gradual-build up that they conjure once one is in between their sheets is enough to drive their partner mad with desire. Their cautious nature makes its way into the bedroom too - and works wonders. They’re wise and determined and like to get to know their partners well before jumping into bed with them. They like to know where they stand when they’re in a relationship, otherwise it’s going nowhere. Some classic, filmy style of sex is what their forte is, so be ready for some wine and music.


    They are ever-so-passionate, and there can always be something new to be expected of these guys when it comes to your bedroom activities. Aquarians are the masters of sexual twists and turns. Sex is as much an intellectual experience as a physical one for you, and so they turn the bedroom into a place where both of them can connect mind, body and soul. Their partner can be certain that they will learn something new and naughty.


    Pisces women have an enormous desire to please when it comes to being in the bedroom. This is because their partner’s pleasure is what gets them hot and bothered. While performing any intimate act, they think of it as an act of romance. They are known for indulging in fantasies and allowing for both their own and their lover’s dreams to come true. That’s what we call and a win-win.


    Sun Sign Pairings That Go Well In Bed

    Let’s pair up for the most erotic time every sun sign will happen.


    Aries is most compatible with Leo

    Aries is all about keeping things adventurous and steamy in the bedroom so along with Leo, they can show each other fireworks. 

    Taurus is most compatible with Virgo

    They love moving slowly, so paired with a Virgo, they will take time to seduce each other, savouring the tiny moments. Bring out the scented candles, music and massage oils, because this one is going to be a sensual ride. 

    Gemini is most compatible with Libra

    Flirty, fun and playful, Geminis and Librans will dirty talk and verbally seduce each other. Phone sex between these two zodiacs is epic.

    Cancer is most compatible with Scorpio

    They let loose only when they feel comfortable and emotionally secure with their partner and despite being the most sex-driven sign, Scorpios also prefer a deep connection with their partner.

    Leo is most compatible with Saggitarius

    Leos like to be the centre of attention everywhere they go, especially in the bedroom. An affectionate Saggitarius will be able to make a Leo feel special.

    Virgo is most compatible with Capricorn

    Things in bed need to be simple and straightforward but Virgos like to please and be pleased. Capricorns are similar in nature so they get along.

    Libra is most compatible with Aquarius

    Being mentally stimulated through art, literature, music, food is what Librans love. Though Aquarians can be emotionally detached--they know how to make everything fun in bed, that makes them the perfect partner for a Libra.

    Scorpio is most compatible with Pisces

    The master of seduction, Scorpio are extremely erotic but have a sensitive side too. That’s why the romantic Pisces are a perfect match.

    Sagittarius is most compatible with Leo

    Together these two are sure to stir up a storm underneath the sheets--they’ll always find fun and creative positions to try in bed.

    Capricorn is most compatible with Taurus

    Capricorns are a little shy and conservative, but when paired with Taurus, they can open their minds and hearts to a world of sexual pleasure they didn’t know existed. 

    Aquarius is most compatible with Gemini

    Aquarius and Gemini together follow non-verbal communication and show each other how it’s done rather than talking about it.

    Pisces is most compatible with Scorpio

    Pisces are romantic and love wooing and being wooed by the other--the highly sexual Scorpio are definitely up to the challenge.


    Ready for a roller coaster ride in bed?

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