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Jet Set Pack! 8 Types Of Travel Bags You Need For Wherever You’re Headed Next

Jet Set Pack! 8 Types Of Travel Bags You Need For Wherever You’re Headed Next

Got a case of wanderlust? 10/10 we can name your favourite travel buddy! It is your trusty bag that has been with you through all the adventures. We are sure that by now you must have realised that a good handbag can literally make or break your entire trip. But choosing the right travel bag from the endless options on the internet is no cakewalk. That’s why we are here to help! To ensure your next trip is hassle-free, we’ve listed eight types of travel bags every wander luster must know about. Scroll down for our list and change the way you travel for the better:

8 Travel Bag Types That’ll Have Your Trippin’

Every travel junkie needs a companion. And what’s better than a bag that is equal parts convenient and functional? Well, we’ve listed out all the types of travel bags you need to know about before choosing the perfect one (or maybe two?). Take a look:

The Classic Travel Backpack

Durable and lightweight, backpacks make the perfect addition to any vacay. They come with several compartments so you can stuff your clothes, bottles, and even gadgets, without worry. Most of them have adjustable shoulder straps so you’re comfortable during the entire journey. And the best part? You can either keep the bag under your seat or comfortably tuck it away in the overhead compartment while travelling. Whatever floats your boat!

Travel Totes FTW!

Whether you’re going on a road trip or flying first class, you just can’t leave your travel tote behind. This type of bag is a must-have as it is versatile, spacious, and classy. It comes equipped with several compartments for efficient organisation and you can easily access your essentials. These are ideal for short trips and act as charming carry-ons.

The Ultimate Weekender Bag

If you are into quick weekend getaways, then you need to invest in a duffle bag stat. They can effortlessly house all your essentials and look rather stylish. Their fluid design makes them perfect for those who’re seeking a worthy alternative for all their bulky gear.

The Essential Fanny

Desperately looking for our passport or our keys in our bags and getting a mini heart attack in the process. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Well, if you can relate to the struggle, it’s time to invest in a fanny pack. This popular 90s accessory is making its way back in the vogue and we approve. Apart from helping you house all your essentials, it will also amp up your style quotient. Trust us, it really doesn’t get more functional than these babies!

The Backpack Evolution

Rolling backpacks combine the practicality of a backpack and the convenience of wheeled luggage in one. Serving as the ideal carry-on luggage, they can either be suspended off your shoulders or rolled around at your convenience. 

Lap It Up! 

All of us are concerned about our laptops while travelling. And this is where laptop bags come to the rescue. Most of these bags are made of protective, waterproof fabrics that ensure no harm is caused to your precious device. These bags are also available in larger sizes, so don’t hesitate to choose the one that can also store your iPad, phone, charger, and other accessories together.

The Must-Have Carry On

These bags are apt for trips when you are worried about your precious belongings. They help you carry your fragile items without any worry and are far more weather-resistant than any other type of travel bag. Incredibly roomy for those instances where you’ve overpacked, they also feature a handy divider that keeps things neatly separated. What’s more? You can use them as flight carry-ons!

The Holy Grail Travel Suitcase

You didn’t think we’d end our list without the mighty travel suitcase now, did you? This has been our go-to travel pick and there is no reason why this must change. It has several compartments that hold clothes, shoes, makeup, bags, and anything else you might need during your travels.

So, are you ready for your next adventure?

Featured Image: Unsplash

17 Aug 2022

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