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Catch-22, Bona Fide & More! 15 Phrases & Words You Should Use To Sound Smart At Work

Catch-22, Bona Fide & More! 15 Phrases & Words You Should Use To Sound Smart At Work

Once you’ve spent significant time in the workplace, you’ll know corporate life has a different lingo altogether. And when it comes to office conversations, discussions, presentations and more, everything boils downs to what you say. Whether you’re applying for your first job or hoping to move up the career ladder, there are a few phrases you can use to sound more professional. Scroll down for the list of phrases that can help you to sound smart at work:


The word ‘certainly’ means that you know something for sure or something is going to happen for sure. This is more formal, or official-sounding than words like, ‘yeah’, ‘okay’, etc.


The term ‘modify’ implies making changes to something that already exists. 



Instead of using the term ‘goals’, one can try using ‘objectives’. It sounds more refined and concrete.


It’s A Conundrum

‘It is a conundrum’ means an intricate and difficult problem. 

Let Me Elaborate Further

After making a point, if you feel that your audience didn’t understand your idea, you can say ‘let me elaborate further.’

Not A Priority For Me At This Time

This phrase will help you establish your priority list. It simply means you have other things that are keeping you busy.

Reassess The Situation


The term ‘reassess the situation’ means to reconsider something.


This Matter Needs Imperative Attention

Sometimes writing ASAP isn’t enough. The phrase ‘this matter needs imperative attention’ shows the urgency of a task.


‘Ramification’ mean complicated or unexpected results of an action or decision. 


A task which is easy to do or understand or simple to do is called ‘straightforward’.

On The Contrary

The term ‘on the contrary’ is used to show that you think or feel the opposite of what has been implied.


Plan Of Action


‘Plan of action’ means a definitive checklist of tasks needed to complete a project.

All Things Considered

‘All things considered’ means taking everything into account.

Bona Fide

‘Bona fide’ means in good faith. It refers to a promise that the person has every intention of keeping.


‘Catch-22’ means a difficult situation in which the solution to a problem is impossible because it is also the cause of the problem:


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to brush up on your corporate jargon and reach the stars!

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11 Jul 2023

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