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9 Ways To Make The Most Of Your First Month At A New Job

9 Ways To Make The Most Of Your First Month At A New Job

Good beginnings yield memorable wins! And starting your new job is one of those top-of-the-list moments that call out for good beginnings. The first few weeks at your new job are crucial to setting the tone of your professional life. We’re going to prep you for this journey with some advice that will help make your presence felt in your new workplace. Here are 9 ways to make the most of your first month at your new job.

1. Understand your role and position thoroughly.

You were hired to do a job and you mustn’t forget this while trying to understand the work politics at the new place. Nothing will prove to be of any value – not your network, not your relationship with your bosses, not your work ethics – if your core work is not done well. So understand the position you’ve been hired into and fulfil your role before anything else.

2. Ask, ask and ask.  

We understand that you may feel hesitant in approaching your colleagues with your silly questions while they’re at work, but it’s better than making mistakes and having to do the whole thing again. Plus, everyone’s tolerant towards the newcomer and are often willing to help if you ask sweetly.

3. Learn to unlearn and relearn…

Every workplace and its team have a different method of working and you shouldn‘t try to enforce your old ways. In order to give best results, you must make a genuine effort to learn new software and adhere to new deadlines and formats. Keep an open mind and bring productive changes to the system, wherever required, from your experience.


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4. Smile at others and wish people, even if they’re not from the same department as you.

People who smile more often come across as being approachable and friendly and that’s the kind of personality you want to have at your new workplace. Smiling is the surest way to warming hearts. Also, acknowledge other people’s presence by wishing them first thing in the morning – whether it’s your boss or your office help.  

5. Try to be a part of the office culture.

Don’t restrict yourself to your work desk. Get up and move around and try to absorb the new workplace that you’re working in. If your company celebrates all festivities and your colleagues dress up and make efforts to host events, become a part of it. There are many life skills to learn from such activities, apart from networking, of course.

6. Don’t cut off from your ex-colleagues.

Adults take time to form friendships and within the first month of working at a new place, you’d only form an acquaintance with your colleagues. You might feel out of place and slightly lonely at times too. In such a situation, you can always count on your old colleagues and seek professional and personal help from them to keep going.


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7. Establish your new professional connections on social media.

You come in touch with so many new people when you join a new workplace. You must make use of this pool of network by connecting with them on social media too. By connecting with them on websites like LinkedIn, you would be able to study their professional career and also strengthen your own profile through association with them.

8. Identify new opportunities at work.

Opportunities are lying in wait to be discovered and worked upon to help reach your professional pinnacle but they won’t walk up to your desk. You will have to take up responsibilities beyond the ones that are assigned to you and move beyond your comfort zone to do things you haven’t tried before, even if that means working with people from different departments and fields. You never know where you may strike gold.   

9. Remember that everyone was once new at their job too; you aren’t alone.  

You’re new today, you’ll be old tomorrow when another new hire will walk in. S/he will go through everyone that you are facing and will experience similar feelings – just like your boss or your manager did some day. Breathe easy; it’s going to get okay. Remember that it’s just your first month at work.


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29 Nov 2017

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