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11 Steamy Phrases To Use… While Talking ‘Dirty’ To Him!

11 Steamy Phrases To Use… While Talking ‘Dirty’ To Him!

Dirty talking is that one lethal weapon that comes in handy every time you want to have good (read: great) sex. It amps up the sexual tension between two people and is definitely something that every couple should try atleast once. While we have given you a lot of gyaan on what statements to whisper when he is canoodling you, there are a few words that you should definitely use. Intrigued? Sure! Here is a list of phrases that will definitely up your dirty talk game a notch higher!

1. ‘I want you’

Every guy wants to feel like he is wanted, especially in bed. A constant push of telling him that you need him will just turn him on even more… Instantly!

dirty talk 1

2. ‘Keep doing that’

It’s always good to tell him what he is doing is the right thing and that you like it. If you tell him this, he will make more effort to pleasure you. So, this is basically a win-win situation for you.

3. ‘Don’t stop’

A lot of guys like to hear this because one, they don’t want to stop and two, they want you to tell them to not stop.

4. ‘This feels good’

Well, if it does feel good, he needs to know so it gets better every time you say it!

dirty talk 4

5. ‘I love you’

Afterall, positive reinforcement is important so that he continues to do the things that you like!

6. ‘Faster, baby!’

Who doesn’t like a little vroom vroom! *Wink*

7. ‘Lick my neck’

Because dirty talk with boyfriend in long distance is a way of commanding him what to do without acting all bossy.

 dirty talk 7

8. ‘Just like that, oh yeah!’

He needs to know that he has hit the right spot and that you are lovin’ it.

9. ‘I’m so turned on’

Sure, he can find this out from your actions but telling him will be more like an extra-sweet surprise!

10. ‘Let me go down now’

Well ladies, you might just want to return the favour. Also, because guys just love oral sex. Trust us when we say this!

dirty talk 10

11. ‘Taste me’

This is also a subtle way of saying ‘Go down on me’ but if you’re too shy to actually say it directly, you might as well say this!

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16 May 2017

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