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KWK S7 Episode 7 Funny Moments: Fun-Jabi Mundas Vicky Kaushal & Sidharth Malhotra Left Us In Splits

KWK S7 Episode 7 Funny Moments: Fun-Jabi Mundas Vicky Kaushal & Sidharth Malhotra Left Us In Splits

What happens when you put two handsome Punjabi mundas with a great sense of humour on the Koffee couch? Well, it means you’ve just purchased a ticket to a laughter riot! This time around, actors Vicky Kaushal and Sidharth Malhotra take on the Koffee With Karan 7 sets. And thankfully, the episode is everything we were looking forward to. 

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Equal parts honest and hilarious, Sid and Vicky were a breath of fresh air on the couch. They not only got candid about their love lives, but also had us in splits throughout the episode as they spilled some major beans. But in case you missed out on the episode, here are the funniest moments from the KWK episode.


5 Best Funny Moments From The Vicky-Sid Episode On KWK Season 7

KJo’s Wedding FOMO

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TBH, we totally LOL’d when KJo put Vicky on the spot about not making it to the #VicKat wedding guest list. Karan also chuckled saying, “achha, he’s not even feeling bad” when Vicky did not respond to his comments. Well, we had a hearty laugh as Karan threatened Sid about not being invited to his wedding with rumoured GF Kiara Advani. And Karan, after learning about your shaadi FOMO, we’re sure no one else will make the mistake of not calling you to their wedding again! 

All The #VicKat Wedding Memes

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We’d be lying if we said that the most anticipated event of 2022 wasn’t the #VicKat shaadi. While everyone was supremely thrilled, there were also several jokes on social media about the heightened security measures issued to keep the wedding private. KJo not only made Sid and Vicky laugh uncontrollably, but all of us too as we witnessed the hilarious memes surrounding the privacy of their wedding!

The Most Special Koffee Appearance

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*Spoiler alert* but we saw a glimpse of Kiara’s Koffee debut in this episode! The actress defs didn’t hold back from giving us all the juicy deets about her relationship with Sidharth Malhotra and dropped some major about their wedding. The actress sure left us sitting at the edge of our seats throughout this entire segment!

Boys Turned Thirst Traps

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Truth be told, the highlight of the episode was when KJo shared thirsty fan comments about these two drool-worthy men. Well, fans think that Vicky looks like a cinnamon roll that people want a bite of, while another believes that Sid would look best if he’s on top of them. NGL, but we totally loved seeing these two humble yet extremely hot men blush at these comments. And all we’ve got to say is kudos to their fans who aren’t afraid to indulge in some online PDA!

The Koffee Wars

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Of course, there’s no surprise that the Koffee games were hella entertaining! Vicky won the coveted hamper and quiz, but not before he gave us some fun answers. Besides revealing that Katrina has taken over his closet, the actor also called her ‘baby’ during the Koffee quiz, making us go ‘aww’! Sid, too, put up a tough fight as he was honest and quick witted. And though he didn’t go home with a prize, we’re sure he collected several hearts.

Well, it’s never too late to get your Koffee fix! So, head on to Disney+ hostar right away to receive your daily dose of entertainment.

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