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#SevenSevenSeven: How To Have Multiple Orgasms In 7 EASY Steps!

#SevenSevenSeven: How To Have Multiple Orgasms In 7 EASY Steps!

Okay, we really want to break it to you – it’s not that tough to have multiple orgasms. While Monica told us all about the erogenous zones, we want to be your friend and give you some tips to actually get the big O multiple times. So, here are 7 easy ways to get an orgasm not just once but multiple times during sex!

1. Let go!

The first step to getting off the easy way is to clear all the unnecessary thoughts in your head. Your mind should be in one place and should be focused only on what you’re doing. You have to believe that you are going to achieve that big O to actually experience it.


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2. Slow down the process

While you’re having sex, it’s important to slow down the whole process and focus on the foreplay in order to achieve the climax you’re looking for. Let your partner take it slow and feel every movement of your body to get it going.


3. Give instructions!

It’s okay to tell your partner the right move he needs to make.  Tell him where he needs to touch you so that you feel aroused. More so, let him go down on you and direct him to areas that make you feel good. Keep doing it until you’ve climaxed a lot of times!

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4. Experiment with positions

While stimulation is the key, positions pay an important role too. Experiment with positions in which you can dominate in bed. Reaching the G-spot is another way of achieving the big orgasm and the position is the key to get there.

5. Feel the connection with your partner

It is very important for you to feel connected to your partner to orgasm. Have an emotional connect with him while you’re at it. It just increases the sexual tension and makes you want two bond at a deeper level.


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6. Take a tiny break between your first and your afters

Take some time to pause and continue on the foreplay before you start for round two. By a break, we don’t mean you go off to sleep, just pause for a few minutes. Continue with the kissing and the foreplay before you get down to the real deal. Know what we mean?


7. Be patient

Know that it does not have to happen every time. Know that there is nothing wrong with you if you don’t end up with multiple Os!

ways to have multiple orgasms 7


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10 Aug 2018
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