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10 Inkcredible Tattoos You Won’t Regret Getting Done!

10 Inkcredible Tattoos You Won’t Regret Getting Done!

Imagine being in a spot where things don’t go the way you planned? Yes, we’re talking about basically every day. You would need motivation to get you through, right? For me that motivation comes through my tattoos. I know what the world says but to me, they are a constant reminder to live everyday.

If you’ve been thinking of getting inked, I recommend you take a deep breath and really consider it once. After all, you are making a permanent change to your body. Done? Still interested? Well then, here are some awesome tattoo ideas to get you started!

1. When you feel that life gets ‘flupie’

Life is chaotic but we all need to embrace the glorious mess that it is. Everyday, this little reminder will make you smile just a little brighter

And if you need some good luck, add to your room this cushion (Rs 249) for some extra motivation!


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2. Hugs and kisses all the way

Apart from the fact that it’s an extension of awesomeness, this tattoo is super cute and minimalistic if you don’t want to go OTT.

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3. Hai jaisa tu…

Just a little something to wake up accepting yourself the way you are. Be your own special someone!


And if all else fails, a happy hour T-shirt (Rs 489) will save the day for you!

4. Belly up, ladies!

Well, this one’s quirky and cute, perfect if you love wearing bellies and flats. You can even get your girlfriends get a similar one so that you can have your own Instagram moment!

Get the Instax polaroid camera (Rs 3,999)  for all those cute moments!

5. Cutesy is the new pretty!

Finger tattoos are the new IT thing and this is one tattoo you will not regret having. You can also fill it up with a nice colour to give that bow a cute little touch!


Since you’re SO fond of cute stuff, we thought you might like these hair bands (Rs 399) too!

6. For the love of travelling

If travelling around is your thing then you should totally consider this tattoo. In fact, you can not only make it on your wrist but can also on your ankle or anywhere else! It’s that versatile.

How about getting this backpack (Rs 1,850) for the next time you’re taking flight?

7. Forest essentials

And in case you don’t like reindeers, how about a cute puppy or a cat, maybe? The possibilities are endless with this one!


8. Horse power!

Horses are a sign of power and strength which is why a tattoo like this will not only empower you, but will also help you battle any situation. We just love this one, what about you?

9. Word of advice

Not a big fan visible out-there tattoos? Get yourself this simple tattoo that will not only be an inspiration but will also look super classy and simple.

And to make your hands look super awesome, you can also wear this bracelet. (Rs. 499)

10. Cross my heart…

We all like to keep our fingers crossed hoping things will get better in our life which is why we recommend this tattoo to you. It’s different, it’s classy and it’s something that will be a great conversation starter!


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29 Sep 2017

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