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35 Best Tattoo Ideas That Are As Hot As They Are Cute!

35 Best Tattoo Ideas That Are As Hot As They Are Cute!

This story was updated in January 2019.

The act of tattooing is as old as civilization itself with the practice found both in ancient art and archaeological finds of mummified Egyptian kings and queens. In the modern world, however, tattoos have become a subculture in itself. They are hugely popular not just among millennials but also amongst the older generations for various reasons – they are personal, stylish, soulful, and permanent – qualities that a creative individual craves to possess. There is so much more to tattoos than just a trendy, cool vibe.

While tattoos are a style statement in themselves, you can further customise them to express your obsession with fashion, your favourite character, your beliefs, and pretty much everything that holds meaning in your life. In fact, tattoos have become a fashion accessory today. No wonder I keep swinging between opting to get The Deathly Hallows tattoo on the back of my neck and a tiny little quill on my arm. If you are planning your first tattoo and are confused about what tattoo to get, scroll down to get inspired.

There are so many sizes and designs to choose from. To start you off, we have 35 beautiful tattoo ideas right here that will get you excited about getting inked.

Tattoo Ideas Based On Size
Symbolic Tattoos And Their Meanings
Famous Celebrity Tattoos
Top Tattoo Parlours And Artists

Tattoo Ideas Based On Size

The size of the tattoo is an important criterion, especially if it’s your first one. You are not sure how much it will hurt or how well it will pan out. That is why people usually start off with a small tattoo and then graduate to bigger ones. Consider these tiny tattoo designs before you head to a tattoo parlour.

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Best Small Tattoo Ideas

Wristlets To Never Miss An Accessory


Image: Instagram

Wristlet tattoos are drawn around your wrist with delicate details that make them look like jewellery. A good option if you are forgetful about stacking accessories before heading out. Also, a good option if you love to accessorise in your own unique way. See how this will add to your charms.

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Finger Tats Because You Are All That!


Image: Instagram

Attractive finger tattoos are great company for all of your bling rings. They give away a cool street vibe in a stylish way. They are also an out for women who want a stylish tattoo but can’t go big. If you like, then you should put a ring on it.

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The Minimalist’s Muse


Image: Instagram

‘Barely there’ designs are meant for two kinds of people: minimalists and commitment-phobes. The best way to go about this is to pick your favorite article of clothing like this basic T-shirt or a fashion term to make it more you.

Happy New Ear To You


Image: Instagram

Not a common place to get a tattoo at but that is precisely the reason why you should get one here – you and your tattoo both will stand out in style. This time, let your New Year’s resolution be to get a cool ear tattoo like this one. Ditch the piercing and give your studs a kink of ink.

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A Crown For The Queen


Image: Instagram

The back of the neck is one of the most popular body parts to get a tattoo, especially among newbies. This dainty little crown will be perfect if an ultra-feminine vibe is what you’re going for. Also, concealed neck tattoos are a safe option for working professionals who can’t always flaunt their ink at work. It’s like your own pretty little secret! *wink wink*

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Coloured Tattoo To Bring The Little One To Life


Image: Instagram, Instagram

Small tattoos don’t always mean basic. They can be simple and statement-making at the same time. A coloured tattoo like this sunflower on your finger will say a lot about your vivid personality. Or a pizza slice! Boyfriends may come and boyfriends may go but the pizza is forever. However, coloured tattoos are more expensive and take longer to fill in but the end result is so worth it. They can be a good addition to your cutesy-style vibe.

One Word Stories FTW


Image: Instagram

Text is another popular tattoo design. If you want your tattoo to say something about you, there is no easier way than this. Talk about telling a story with just one impression! For example, the adventurer in you will love this wanderlust tattoo in beautiful calligraphy on your ankle. Put your best foot forward wherever you go.

One For The Guardian Angel


Image: Instagram

Novelty tattoos are rare but they are also unique. Designs with a distinguishable look are easy to find like this guardian angel looking over you. Tiny stars, the symbol of ‘Om’, Lord Krishna’s flute (or mor pankh) and much more can easily be painted on your skin by a good tattoo artist.

An Open-To-Interpretation Tattoo


Image: Instagram

Nothing better than a tattoo that initiates a real conversation that is not restricted to, ‘Wow! Cool tattoo’. The back of your feet, elbows, in between two fingers, etc. will make for interesting canvases when it comes to such tattoos. Keep an open mind and be clear about what you want to say through your tattoo.

One That Says A Lot Without Saying Much


Image: Instagram

If you are not sure what design you want but definitely want to get a tattoo, your birth year or birthday date will be a failsafe idea. Likewise, you can have any date inked. Your favourite page along with the chapter number from your beloved book will make for a clever tattoo design.

Best Big Tattoo Ideas

One For Miss Twinkle Toes


Image: Instagram

Tattoos are a fun way to flaunt your passion. Use the look of a line tattoo to create fashionable silhouettes on your body like this chic detailing of a ballerina twirling in her cute little dress. As they say, ‘Go big or go home’. Line tattoos look the best in a bigger size and this one looks elegant and exaggerated all at once.

Floral Glory


Image: Instagram

Back tattoos are quite popular among young women. If you would love yourself some of that sexy back flaunting, then consider more intricate and spread out designs. Concealed tattoos like these are a great option for working professionals if you don’t want to settle for a small tattoo but are not afraid to bring out the bad boy at the beach.

A Fangirl’s Fanatic


Image: Instagram

Speaking of bad boys, how about you prove your love for the character you worship so hard with a badass tattoo? Pick a magical scene from your favourite book or movie and abracadabra!

Who Run The World?


Image: Instagram

Here is another example of a classy but twisted line design. Artsy tattoos like this origami version of the world say a lot more than you think. What’s your meaning?

It’s All About The Big Picture


Image: Instagram

If you are all about big tattoos and science, a design like this would be perfect for you. After all, what’s bigger than the galaxy, eh?! This beautiful rendition of the solar system will be a constant reminder of life as we know it, and make you feel positive and motivated at all times.

Shoutout Your Fashion Icon


Image: Instagram

Pop culture is littered with fashion icons for women, from Audrey Hepburn to our very own Cher from Clueless. Wear your fashion hero on your sleeve like this one right here. Plus, no one says, ‘Mood’ better than Cher anyway, am I right?

A Tattoo That’s Just For You


Image: Instagram

Not everyone loves to show-off their tattoo. Go for tattoos on body party like your back, your belly, your sides or other areas that are usually covered. It will be your very own not-so-little secret. *wink wink*

Dress To Impress


Image: Instagram

Dress forms have been a popular choice for fashion enthusiasts. They scream originality and innovation. A tattoo like this one of a gorgeous dress on a hanger will make you feel brand new every day. Yes, that is the power of fashion. It makes you feel fabulous, doesn’t it?

Extra AF Accessories From Exotic Cultures


Image: Instagram

How quirky is this Japanese fan?! We are especially loving the coloured and fanned-out design on the thigh. Getting a design from a different and exotic culture or linguistic is an excellent idea if you want your tattoo to stand out. Oh, the conversations you will start!

One For The Dreamer


Image: Instagram

There are two types of people in the world – realists and dreamers. While a realist sees a book, a dreamer sees the stories; a realist sees a bird, a dreamer sees freedom. Get some of that imagination inked on yourself and show the world that you are one in a million, baby.

Symbolic Tattoos And Their Meanings

I am not a big tattoo person but I do love the subtle ones that imply sweet somethings. Ever since my friend got a semicolon tattooed on her wrist in college, I have been intrigued about how much just a tiny punctuation mark can say and do. As tattoo lovers say, it is a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical experience that is permanent at every level. Small or big, tattoos are extremely personal and can be deeply meaningful.

Here are 15 most common symbolic tattoos and their uncommon meanings that will convince you to get inked (if you aren’t already!):

A Semicolon


Image: Instagram

The semicolon tattoo was created as a symbol to show solidarity when it comes to depression and mental health. Just like a semi-colon indicates only a pause in a sentence and not an end, the tattoo signifies a life that may seem to have stopped (for now) but will not as long as you choose to continue on.



Image: Instagram

The profound and powerful symbol of ‘Om’ is actually a vibration that stands for a source of life for the entire universe itself. The lines that go upward and downward in the symbol signify the beginning and end of life. It is a deeply meaningful chant for peace of mind and calm. And, an exceptionally popular tattoo idea among foreigners.



Image: Instagram

Birds, very obviously, stand for freedom and hope in general. You can opt for a single bird or a whole cluster of birds, big or small, your choices with this one are endless.



Image: Instagram

Roses are a popular choice for tattoos and are either coloured or done in simple black ink. Rose symbolises passion, love, beauty, and strength – all qualities that make a woman who she is.



Image: Instagram

An anchor tattoo symbolises strength and stability, something (or someone who) holds you in place and provides you with the strength to hold on no matter how rough things get. It is a very popular first tattoo among men and women. Now you know why.



Image: Instagram

Feathers have contradictory representations. In one sense, the feather signifies death or loss, but it also signifies birth and luck. It all comes down to how you perceive it. The meaning of a feather also depends on which bird it belongs to, so a fair bit of research must go into it before getting one tattooed.



Image: Instagram

One cannot talk about wings while speaking about tattoo symbols and meanings. Wings stand for freedom, of course. They are constant reminders that you cannot be owned, and that you can be whoever you want and that you can go wherever you want at your will. Fly away, you angel.



Image: Instagram

If you want a twinkle in your life, aim for the stars. And that means two things. They emit light in space where there is unceasing darkness. When Chris Martin sang, ‘Lights will guide you home…’, he probably meant the stars. So, get ‘A sky full of stars’ to guide you through dark times and unknown paths. They stand for truth, spirit, and hope. We could all use some.



Image: Instagram

There’s no hidden meaning here, hearts symbolise love, care, and deep emotional feelings for someone really close to you. Whether you want it inked with a beloved’s name or simply a heart by itself, this one is a true mark of passion.



Image: Instagram

Having a dragonfly tattoo is considered extremely feminine because of how delicate and beautiful these insects are. Dragonflies symbolize good luck, purity, prosperity, harmony, and strength. They may have a short lifespan but it is astonishing how much they achieve in it. They live their lives to the fullest, and that is a big lesson for us to learn.

Dream Catcher


Image: Instagram

They say that dream catchers, as the term suggests, have the ability to catch good dreams and chase away nightmares. Bad dreams, bad luck, and evil spirits are all at bay when you have a dream catcher overlooking you. It also serves as a good luck charm that brings success, happiness, and good fortune. Well, all this holds true only if you believe and have faith. So, how about some?



Image: Instagram

A butterfly is a wonderful creature that struggles its way out of its cocoon. It represents beauty, metamorphosis, rebirth, and change. Though it is plain, colourless, and almost ugly as it enters the world, it leaves the cocoon as a vibrant, beautiful creature. In some cultures, a butterfly stands for the soul.



Image: Instagram

A lotus flower grows in muddy water but its nature dictates rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment. That is what makes the lotus one of the most beautiful flowers and, therefore, one of the most meaningful tattoos. Don’t you agree?



Image: Instagram

Yin is the black (dark) swirl, yang is the white (light) one, and each side has a seed of the opposite colour. It is an ancient Chinese symbol which represents the dual nature of things like light and dark, good and evil, positive and negative, ups and downs, good times and bad. The two halves come together to suggest wholeness that is life.

Phases Of The Moon


Image: Instagram

The moon stands for life. And the different phases signify how life is constantly changing and is inconsistent. It can also come to mean that life unfolds in circles just like karma. The phases of the moon are a reminder that whatever goes around, comes around. And it also signifies that whatever it is that is troubling you today will pass eventually. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Famous Celebrity Tattoos

Still, haven’t found that X-factor? We know who you can turn to for inspiration. Obviously, our Bollywood stars. We take a lot of inspiration from our favourite celebs – from hair to outfits to accessories to make up, so why not for tattoos? Well, here are 10 famous tattoos of your favourite stars you can consider for your first tattoo or the next time you want to get inked.

Top 10 Tattoo Parlours And Artists In India

Now, if you are really serious about getting a tattoo, you should go about it the right way. Visit different tattoo parlours, find out who the best tattoo artists are there, and do your research. Don’t just walk into any tattoo parlour and get inked because sometimes it can cause infections and lead to other problems.

Here is a list of the top 10 tattoo parlours in India:

Devil’z Tattooz, New Delhi

Devil’z Tattooz is the biggest chain of tattoo studios in Delhi and NCR and was started by Lokesh Verma in 2003 after observing a lack of professional tattoo parlours in India. It has been rated one of the best tattoo parlours in India by multiple media houses online. The price of the tattoo depends on the size usually but also on the artist doing it. Lokesh Verma is the best of the bests when it comes to tattoos. He specialises in black and colour realism, as well as portraits.

Make an appointment: www.tattoosnewdelhi.com

3D Tattoos Studio, New Delhi

The 3D Tattoos Studio was opened very recently but they are becoming very popular very fast. Their specialty is to treat old, worn-out tattoos and make them look better apart from doing new designs and custom-made designs. The studio is owned and run by Gupt Ram who is one of the best tattoo artists in India.

Make an appointment: http://www.3d-tattoos-india.com

KDz Tattoos, New Delhi

KDz Tattoos is the largest tattoo studio in Delhi and you can easily get any type of artwork done by their artists. They even train people interested in learning how to make tattoos so this is the place you go to if you want to be a professional in the field.

Make an appointment: J – 13/65, Major Sudesh Kumar Marg, Basement of Kotak Mahindra Bank, Rajouri Garden (Main Market), New Delhi – 110027

Angel Tattoo Design Studio, New Delhi

Angel Tattoo Design Studio prides itself in customised tattoo designs and body piercings since 2008 with its main tattoo studio in Delhi’s Rajouri Garden and the other in Gurgaon in Sector-17 (near Iffco Chowk). Besides international tattooing expertise, they offer good, sterilized, and safe tattooing in a simple to advanced tattoo designs, 3D tattoos, portrait tattoos, and body and ear piercings. They also have the facility of temporary tattoos, fake tattoos, airbrush tattoos at both the tattoo centres.

Make an appointment: www.tattooinindia.com

Moksha Tattoo Studio, Goa

Moksha tattoo studio is the best tattoo centre in the whole of Goa. It specialises in portrait tattoos, tribal tattoos, custom-made tattoos and will design any tattoo to your needs. You will be in good hands with Mukesh Waghela, with a professional degree from Thailand Tattoo School, and his seven years of expertise in tattoo making. Mukesh’s forte lies in custom artwork where he gets an opportunity to explore his creativity. He has not only been awarded with several accolades in several categories but also judges tattoo festivals across the country. He has inked several celebrities across the globe including Chris Gayle, Raghu Ram, and many more.

Make an appointment: www.mokshatattoo.com

Andy’s Tattoo Studio, Goa

Andy’s Tattoo Studio was started, as is obvious by the name, by Andy. He is a great tattoo artist and though his parlour is a bit small, it is immaculate. He maintains good hygiene conditions and his designs are no doubt one of the best in India. For the party animals of Goa who want to get a design done by a well-known artist, Andy is your guy.

Make an appointment: North Anjuna Beach, Goa – 403509

White Star Tattoo Studio, Kolkata

White star tattoo studio is the biggest tattoo and body art center in Kolkata. If you are living in Kolkata and want to get yourself inked, this is the place for you. The artists here are excellent and will design any tattoo you ask them to. They will also give you guidance when it comes to the correct selection of proper design and the colour suitable for you.

Make an appointment: ib-150, Sector 3, Salt Lake City, Kolkata.

Eternal Expression Tattoos, Bangalore

Eternal Expression Tattoos in Bangalore is the place where dream tattoos come true. They specialise in portrait tattoos but will design anything you ask them to. They are also quite popular for piercings and are open all seven days of the week. Their lead tattoo artist, Founder & CEO, Veer Hedge, is experienced in various tattooing styles and is known mostly for being among the first tattoo artists to specialize in 3D tattoos in India and realistic portrait tattoo work.

Make an appointment: http://www.tattoobangalore.com

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Brahma Tattoo Studio, Bangalore

You can get the most trained artists here in Bangalore’s first tattoo parlour. The studio has a mystic eerie atmosphere which totally suits its cool tattoo makers. Their needles are specially imported from Korea and are disposable. They also pride themselves in pain-free tattooing by using anesthetics to numb the area so as to provide a painless experience. So, what are you waiting for?

Make an appointment: bramhatattoostudio.in

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Iron Buzz Tattoos, Mumbai

Iron Buzz Tattoos in Mumbai claim to bring your tattoo ideas to life in a brand new way with top-of-the-podium tattoo designs, super-creative people, a smooth process, and prices that won’t leave a mark. As their website says, “Your tattoo is in good hands – we’ve got the street cred, award shelf, and clients-turned-BFFs to prove it.” Eric D’Souza is the best tattoo artist here. He has been honing his skills for the last 11 years and specializes in realistic or 3D tattoos.

Make an appointment: www.ironbuzztattoos.com

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