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15 Things People With Tattoos Are Tired Of Hearing – Just STOP!

15 Things People With Tattoos Are Tired Of Hearing – Just STOP!

Even in 2017, tattoos still seem to be unacceptable for most people and are a sign of rebellion instead of a sign of expression. However, for the millennials, tattoos are now more common and acceptable than ever before. They are pieces of art close to our heart that we carry on our body. But as a proud owner of three tattoos all over my body, I can vouch for the fact that some of the things I hear from people around me about my tattoos are ridiculous. Here are 15 of the worst statements that I, along with all other people with tattoos, have heard at least once!

1. “Is it real?”

Are you for real right now?

1 people with tattoos

2. “Did it hurt?”

Needles were piercing my skin at almost 100 times a second, so you tell me!

3. “But is that a tramp stamp?”

But are you an idiot?

4. “So what does it mean?”

Aah, the classic.  

5. “Do your parents know?”

No. I’ve been successful at hiding something so visible on my body from my family!

5 people with tattoos

6. “How much did you pay for it? Oh my god, that’s too much for a tattoo this small!”

*Multiple sighs*

7. “You’ll regret that when you’re older.”

The only thing I regret is this conversation.

8. “How will you explain this to your husband? Or your kids?”

The same way you explain your stupidity to people!

9. “Will you date somebody who doesn’t have tattoos?”

I’ll date anybody who isn’t as small minded as you.

10. “Girls shouldn’t get tattoos. It’s very unladylike!”

Let me slow clap you out of here.

10 people with tattoos

11. “How will you hide it for a job interview?”

Simple, I won’t.

12. “They won’t look this good when you’re old.”

Please, I beg you, staaahp!

13. “Can I touch it?”

No. Inappropriate and please back up!

14. “I’ve always wanted one too, just can’t seem to decide on a design!”

Then you don’t want one.

15. “Are you addicted to tattoos? Will you get more?”

Yes. Obviously. Bye now!

15 people with tattoos

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03 Nov 2017

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