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12 *Hot & New* Sexting Ideas That Always Work Wonders!

12 *Hot & New* Sexting Ideas That Always Work Wonders!

People really take all the fun out of sexting by sending the same old “What are you wearing?” text that hardly ever excites anyone now. If you want to have some real, adult fun, you’ve got to take cues from these 12 sexts. There’s a reason why they work and in order to help you understand the sexting game better, we’ve listed the reason for each below:


1. “I bet if you saw me in this piece of lingerie right now, you’d have trouble keeping your hands off me! (It’s your fave color too!)” *winks*

Why it works: The anticipation of this sudden text will drive him crazy.   

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2. “Too bad I have this work trip and you won’t be able to have me for a week. But we could make up for that, tonight?”

Why it works: When you tell him he only has tonight to play, he’d put his all.

3. “I want to feel you inside me. You will take me up, won’t you? I’ll return the favour, promise.”

Why it works: You’re asking him to satisfy you and you’re offering much more in return. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance?

3 sexting idea - couple in bed

4. “What were you thinking of when you were taking off my clothes, last night?”

Why it works: It’d get his mind wandering around the two of you, naked. How subtle!


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5. “What do I want for our anniversary? I want you to tease me till I beg you to stop. Can you do that?”

Why it works: He’ll rack his head for creative ideas to try out with you and imagine ways to turn you on like never before. What an anniversary this would turn out to be!

6. “Since I watched Fifty Shades of Grey, I can’t stop thinking about you, about us…”

Why it works: If he’s watched this movie, he knows of the many new moves and positions you’re referring to. If he hasn’t, it gives you a chance to explain to him just why you’re drooling. Either way, he’s in for a treat!

6 sexting idea - girl bed


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7. “Baby, every time you roll up your sleeves, I get SO turned on. Can you please stop doing it in public?”

Why it works: Men want to be desired in their relationships and love knowing that they can make their woman go weak in the knees. You’re making him feel so good with this one liner.  

8. “I still remember how we had sex in the store. There was hardly any space to move and we weren’t letting go of one another…”  

Why it works: It’ll transport him to the same store you’re talking about and now he’d want to re-live them hot moments all over again.

9. “What would you like to do to me?”

Why it works: You’re inviting him to play out his fantasies and get as wild and dirty with you as he wants. It’ll get his heart racing and make him restless to come back home to you.


9 sexting idea - woman texting smiling

Never underestimate the power of sexy lingerie. We bet this corset (Rs. 2469) will figure in his list of dark fantasies.

10. “If you’d be here right now, I’d be kissing you all over.”

Why it works: Because, who doesn’t like to be slathered with kisses?  

11. “I’ve been blushing all day at work today. I can’t get last night and all that you did to me, out of my mind.”

Why it works: It’ll bring back memories from last night for him too and thinking of you blushing all over would make him tingle at all the right places. He’d definitely want to know more of what you thought of last night!


12. “Once we get under the bed covers, you can ask me for whatever you want. I’ll make all your wishes come true.”

Why it works: It makes you sound like a seductress, teasing and inviting and hard to resist.


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06 Nov 2017

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