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Bleeding During (Or After) Sex? Five Reasons Why This Happens

Bleeding During (Or After) Sex? Five Reasons Why This Happens

Bleeding during sex is not a very common phenomenon and thus, can be quite scary if at all it happens to you. Anything unusual during or after sex can be worrisome for that matter. Add to it the fact that I am a borderline hypochondriac and can mentally turn a simple headache into a serious health issue and that explains why something like vaginal bleeding during sense can give me haunting nightmares.

To help others avoid this health anxiety, I want to address one of the most frequently asked questions on the POPxo App- Why do you bleed during sex? There could be more than one reason for this problem. We have tried to list a few common ones here. However, please note that this information is not equivalent to a visit to a gynecologist. We strongly urge you to contact your doctor in case this situation persists. 

Injury During Intercourse

Sometimes rough sex and dryness in the vagina can cause injuries in your vulva which might be the reason for the bleeding. These cuts or bruises can be avoided with the use of a lubricant. The bruises mostly heal on their own over time. But if they persist, we suggest you contact your doctor immediately.

You Might Have An STD

Sexually transmitted diseases like Ghonnorea or Chlamydia are associated with a lot of vaginal uneasiness. From discharge to painful urination, STDs can cause a lot of uneasiness for a long time. Other STDs like genital Herpes or Syphilis that are visible physically can also lead to bleeding during sex

Your Hymen Is Stretched

We get this a lot on the app. Bleeding during sex can also mean that your hymen is either stretched or torn. But just to make this clear, it does not happen to every woman. A lot of women feel that it is a sign of losing their virginity. However, your hymen can also break without ever having sexual intercourse. Cycling, stretching and working out are some of the most commonly noted reasons for tearing of your hymen.

You’re On Your Period Or Are Going Through A Menopause 

Well, you know it when you’re having period sex. However, sometimes, when you orgasm during sex, a few days before your period, you are likely to get it sooner than you expected. For women who are close to their menopause, they can also experience bleeding during sex due to an imbalance in their hormones. 

Other Underlying Health Conditions

All being said, one should never take unnatural vaginal bleeding lightly. Sometimes, the issues are deeper than just a period problem. If you are regularly bleeding during sex and have recurring pain then you should speak to your gynecologist immediately. 

Hope, we could help you with this information. Take Care!

Featured Image: Unsplash 

08 May 2020

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